Leisure and Recreation in Canadian Society: An Introduction - Second Edition

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Leisure and Recreation In Canadian Society

An Introduction

By: George Karlis

Leisure & Recreation provides an overview of past and present leisure and recreation in Canadian society, while also attempting to determine what might unfold in the future. The opening chapters lay the groundwork for the study of leisure and recreation in Canada, followed by chapters that review the history, the current state, and the future of leisure and recreation in Canada.

ISBN 978-1-55077-167-1
Edition Second
Year 2011
Page Count 252

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This revised edition of Leisure and Recreation in Canadian Society includes a new chapter on parks in Canada, updated statistics and research, and new features throughout focusing on leisure and recreation issues and trends. It provides an historical overview, describes the current situation, and explores future developments in leisure and recreation.

With the major demographic shifts of recent years in mind, Leisure and Recreation in Canadian Society addresses the distinct leisure needs of specific groups within our society, including new immigrants, Aboriginal peoples, and the elderly. The effect of multiculturalism and ethnic diversity on the provision of leisure services is highlighted as a major theme throughout.

Using empirical research and a wide range of examples, this updated second edition offers an in-depth exploration of leisure and recreation from a truly Canadian perspective.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Introducing Leisure and Recreation
  • 2. Concepts of Leisure and Recreation
  • 3. History of Leisure and Recreation in Canada
  • 4. The Public Sector
  • 5. The Commercial Sector
  • 6. The Voluntary Sector
  • 7. Leisure, Recreation and Community Development
  • 8. Canadian Culture, Multiculturalism and Ethnicity
  • 9. Leisure, Recreation and Canada's Aboriginal Peoples
  • 10. Canadians, Leisure and Recreation
  • 11. Tourism
  • 12. Parks in Canada
  • 13. The Future of Leisure and Recreation in Canada

About the Author

George Karlis
University of Ottawa

Dr. George Karlis has been at the University of Ottawa since 1992. He is a native of Ottawa who completed his Bachelors in Social Sciences (Honours) at the University of Ottawa before moving on to Acadia University for his Masters and Michigan State University for his PhD. He is globally recognized for his work on ethnicity, culture, society and leisure. He is also known for his research on sport tourism and the Olympic Games.

He has published over 80 articles throughout the world in journals such as the Journal of Business and Society, Society and Leisure, Economics and Athletics, Journal of Applied Recreation Research, World Leisure and Recreation Journal, Native Studies Review, Journal of Leisurability, Canadian Ethnic Studies, Leisure Information Quarterly, New Education Journal, Visions in Leisure and Business, and Parks and Recreation Canada, and has delivered his research at over sixty international, national and local conferences, symposiums and workshops.

In the 1990s, Dr. Karlis was the most published author in one of Canada's premier peer-review leisure studies journals (the Journal of Applied Recreation Research) with six articles, three book reviews and an editorial introduction. Dr. Karlis has been an invited speaker at the European Association for Sport Management Congress (Nicosia, Cyprus), the Valencia Summit on New Trends in Management of Sport Events (Valencia, Spain), and the International Conference on the Olympic Dream (St-Louis, USA).