Why Sport? - An Introduction to the Philosophy of Sport

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Why Sport?

An Introduction to the Philosophy of Sport

By: Sheryl Bergmann Drewe

Why Sport? summarizes and examines arguments from the philosophy of sport literature and makes “real world” connections to sport. Key concepts and review questions are included to increase the readability of the text.

ISBN 978-1-55077-130-5
Edition First
Year 2003
Page Count 230

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Developed as an undergraduate textbook, Why Sport? surveys the philosophy of sport and goes on to apply these concepts to sport today. It introduces philosophical ideas in a balanced and thought-provoking fashion that engages student and instructor alike.

Topics explored are youth involvement in sport, the idea of fairness, the autonomy of athletes, cheating, doping, violence, coach-athlete relationships, gender issues, and the aesthetic dimensions of sport. Athletes, coaches, sport administrators, and others interested in the role of sport and physical activity in society will benefit enormously from this book.

Table of Contents

  • 1. When Is Something a Sport, and Why Should We Care?
  • 2. Why Sport, and What Role Should It Play in Society?
  • 3. Is Competition a Good or Bad Thing?
  • 4. Organized Sport: A Necessary Part of Childhood?
  • 5. What Do Athletes Have to Say about Ethical Issues in Sport?
  • 6. What Do Coaches Have to Say about Ethical Issues in Sport?
  • 7. When is Cheating "Cheating," and What Makes a Good Sportperson?
  • 8. To Dope or Not to Dope?
  • 9. Violence in Sport: Just Part of the Game?
  • 10. Should Boys and Girls Play Together?
  • 11. The Coach-Athlete Relationship: How Close is Too Close?
  • 12. Can Sport Be "Art?"

About the Author

Sheryle Bergmann Drewe
University of Manitoba

Sheryle Bergmann Drewe is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation Studies at the University of Manitoba.