Fundamentals of International Business - A Canadian Perspective (FIRST EDITION)

Matches the Student Textbook!

The Teacher’s Resource assumes the same structure as the student textbook.
It’s divided up into five units, which are broken down further
by major headings.

Suggested Classroom Activities
Hands-on application for diverse learners.

The Teachers Resources comes with Suggested Classroom Activities that can be adapted to meet the
unique needs of your students. Activities allow students to apply their knowledge and practice inquiry-based learning.

Teacher's Resource Features

Overview: A box in the margin that details how many class periods we suggest you devote to this section, any important terminology,
and materials you might need.

Focus: A brief summary of the most important points in the lesson.

Start with: Ideas for introducing the main concept to your class in order
to begin the lesson.

Suggested Activities: A list of activities that can be used to teach the concept to your students. You choose which activities you want to do based on your class, resources, and personal preference.

Curriculum Correlations and Expectations.
Learning expectations at a glance.
The Teachers Resources comes with Curriculum Correlations that identify specific expectations by page number.
Each Strand Correlation charts out overall expectations by unit. Specific Expectations Correlations are described and mapped
out by unit, chapter, page and heading.

Instruction Tips

Supporting diverse
learning modalities.

Chapter sections come with Differentiated Instruction Tips so students can apply key concepts and make it their own. Students are encouraged to observe and apply what they learn in the real world.

Blackline Masters

Extra Support Material

The Teaching Resource comes with Blackline Masters for unlimited class use. There are more than 20 supplementary handouts including NAFTA Excerpts, Canada’s International Trade Agreements, a sample Letter of Credit and more.

PowerPoint Slideshow

Complete presentations,
all ready to go!

The Teachers Resource comes with corresponding PowerPoint presentations. Save prep time with a full set of presentation slides for each chapter of FoIB. Slides can be modified to meet your teaching and classroom needs.

CD-Rom Version

No need to scan anything.

The Teachers Resource comes with a CD-ROM version to meet your digital needs. No need to scan anything, it’s all here and ready to go.

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Fundamental of International Business

A Canadian Perspective

Teacher's Manual - Binder & CD-ROM

Only available for purchase with a class set order of the student textbook.

ISBN 978-155077-198-5
Edition First
Year 2010
Page Count 250

$ 189.95 Educational Net Price