Fundamentals of International Business - A Canadian Perspective (FIRST EDITION)

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Textbook features designed for success!

Canadians Make...

Canadians Make examines different companies and produts that have made a big impact both at home and abroad.
Each feature focuses on Canada's role in international business by highlighting a popular product, service,
or company that is prominent internationally.

Features include: Boston Pizza, BlackBerry, Diamonds, Roots Clothing, Bicycles

Where do we get?

Where Do We Get feature that looks at imported items we use every day, examining where they come from,
how they are made, and what impact their production has on the world.

Features include: Lemons, Oil, Chocolate, Tea, Cotton, and many more!


The Newsworthy feature helps students relate international business concepts to the real world around them and encourages them to follow current events.

Newsworthy features include:

  • Understanding Other Cultures
  • Democracy Brings Economic Growth to Spain
  • A Common North American Currency
  • Responsibility through Microcredit
  • Let the Product Speak for Itself

The Big Issue

Located at the end of each unit, The Big Issue feature takes an in-depth look at a major international business concern.

The Big Issue features include:

  • Child Labour
  • China-America Relations
  • Protectionism
  • International Migration

About the Authors

Lorie Guest
Bluevale Collegiate Institute, Waterloo, Ontario

Lorie Guest is the Head of the Business Department at Bluevale Collegiate Institute in Waterloo, Ontario. She has 24 years of teaching experience throughout the Waterloo Region District School Board. Lorie has been actively involved in producing curriculum and profiles for the Ministry of Education, taught business education courses at The Univerisity of Western Ontario, and co-written books on Introduction to Business, and Information and Communication Technology. She is the recipient of The Stewart Award for Teaching Excellence, The Toronto Sun Top 50 Teachers in Ontario, and OBEA'a Award of Merit.

David Notman

David Notman is a retired business teacher, living in Kingston. He has had 28 years of experience in business education, at L.C.V.I and K.C.V.I. and won Teacher of the Year awards at both schools. He has co-written texts on Marketing and Introduction to Business, as well as International Business. A regular OBEA presenter, David was given the Award of Merit by the OBEA in 1997.