Fundamentals of International Business - A Canadian Perspective (FIRST EDITION)

Over 100 Classroom Activities!

Web-based activities will challenge students' understanding
of key concepts.

The types of activities
provided in the binder include:

• Webquests
• Creative writing assignments
• Online charts & illustrations
• Fill-in-the-blank worksheets
• Question and answer sheets

A Perfect Fit.

This resource binder includes up-to-date, web-based activities that are aligned with student curriculum and the student textbook. These exercises will challenge students to use a range of media - videos, newspaper articles, and statistical tables - available on the web to gain a broader understanding of concepts and events in international business.

Take their learning online!
The Web Explorations package will allow students to explore the world of International Business online.
By relating real-world examples back to concepts learned in the textbook, students can gain a better understanding of the realities of international business.

Teacher driven, student focused. Worksheets that work!

The Web Explorations binder is a resource package designed for teachers to
improve their students understanding of core business concepts. The worksheets are ready to be handed out, and can be catered specifically
to the topics you're teaching in class!