Aboriginal Education - Current Crisis and Future Alternatives

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Aboriginal Education

Current Crisis and Future Alternatives

By: Jerry P. White, Julie Peters, Dan Beavon, and Nicholas Spence, Editors

This book reviews the actual situation in terms of Métis, Inuit, and First Nations peoples in Canada using the most recent data available. It explores the issues historically, assesses the costs to both Aboriginal peoples and the country, reviews alternative approaches to solving the problems, and includes innovative analysis of the causes of these problems.

ISBN 978-1-55077-185-5
Edition First
Year 2009
Page Count 272

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Table of Contents

Part One: Understanding the Situation

  • Aboriginal Education
  • A Short History of Aboriginal Education
  • Educational Attainment of Inuit in Canada
  • Métis Educational Attainment
  • University Attainment of the Registered Indian Population

Part Two: Causes, Costs, and Solutions
  • Contrasting Current Policy Proposals
  • Enhancing Educational Attainment for First Nations Children
  • Exploring the Influence of School and Community Relationships on the Performance of
  • Aboriginal Students in British Columbia Public Schools
  • Churn Migration and Educational Attainment among Aboriginal Adolescents and Young Adults
  • First Nations Educational Success
  • A New Approach to Understanding Aboriginal Educational Outcomes
  • Breaking the Gridlock
  • Aboriginal Youth, Education, and Labour Market Outcomes
  • Some Estimates of Benefits of Improving Educational Attainment Among Registered Indian Youth and Young Adults

About the Authors

Jerry P. White
University of Western Ontario

Professor White is now Associate Dean (Graduate Studies, Policy and Planning) in Social Science with responsibilities for graduate affairs, strategic planning, and in the development of policy and review processes across the faculty, including both interdisciplinary activities and Aboriginal affairs. He is the Director of the Aboriginal Policy Research Consortium and has authored several books on Aboriginal policy.

Julie Peters
University of Western Ontario

Julie Peters is a graduate student at the University of Western Ontario.

Nicholas Spence
University of Western Ontario

Nicholas Spence holds a PhD in sociology from the University of Western Ontario. He has worked in Ottawa for the federal government, and he is currently an Adjunct Professor at the University of Western Ontario, affiliated with the department of sociology and the department of health sciences. His research expertise includes statistics and quantitative research methods, inequality/stratification, health, and education.

Dan Beavon
Indian and Northern Affairs Canada

Dan Beavon is director of the Research and Analysis Directorate, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. He has worked in policy research for twenty years and manages an Aboriginal research program on a variety of issues, including increasing the amount and quality of strategic information available to the policy process.