Aboriginal Policy Research Vol. 4 - Moving Forward, Making a Difference

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Aboriginal Policy Research Volume IV

Moving Forward, Making a Difference

By: Jerry P. White, Susan Wingert, Dan Beavon, and Paul Maxim (Editors)

The research and policy discussions included in Aboriginal Policy Research, Volume IV, offer a portion of the original papers presented at the second Aboriginal Policy Research Conference held in Ottawa in 2006.

ISBN 978-1-55077-164-0
Edition First
Year 2007
Page Count 306

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Co-chaired by Dan Beavon of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, Jerry White of the University of Western Ontario, and Peter Dinsdale of the National Association of Friendship Centres, the conference promoted interaction between researchers, policy-makers, and Aboriginal peoples. It expanded knowledge of the social, economic, and demographic determinants of Aboriginal well-being, and sought to identify and facilitate the means by which this knowledge may be translated into effective policies.

The chapters in Volume IV address the themes of health, governance, and housing and homelessness.

Table of Contents

Part One: Health

  • Exploring Indigenous Concepts of Health: The Dimensions of Métis and Inuit Health, Chantelle A.M. Richmond, Nancy A. Ross, and Julie Bernier
  • Aboriginal Participation in Health Planning: Representation, Reconciliation, and Relationship-Building with an Aboriginal Advisory Committee, Geeta Cheema
  • The Transition from the Historical Inuit Suicide Pattern to the Present Inuit Suicide Pattern, Jack Hicks, Peter Bjerregaard, and Matt Berman
  • A Regional Model for Ethical Engagement: The First Nations Research Ethics Committee on Manitoulin Island, Marion A. Maar, Mariette Sutherland, and Lorrilee McGregor
  • Healing Historic Trauma: A Report from the Aboriginal Healing Foundation, Marlene Brant Castellano and Linda Archibald
  • A Cultural Approach to Aboriginal Youth, Sport, and Recreation: Observations from Year One, Janice Forsyth, Michael Heine, and Joannie Halas
Part Two: Governance
  • The Reconstruction of Inuit Collective Identity: From Cultural to Civic: The Case of Nunavut, André Légaré
  • Perceptions of Implementation: Treaty Signatory Views of Treaty Implementation, Jean-Pierre Morin
  • Inuit Women Reach a Deadlock in the Canadian Political Arena: A Phenomenon Grounded in the Iglu, Carole Cancel
  • Organizing Indigenous Governance in Canada, Australia, and the United States, Stephen Cornell
  • Successful First Nations Policy Development: Delivering Sustainability, Accountability, and Innovation, Jennifer Brennan
Part Three: Housing and Homelessness
  • Urban Hidden Homelessness and Reserve Housing, Evelyn Peters and Vince Robillard
  • Aboriginal Mobility and Migration: Trends, Recent Patterns, and Implications: 1971–2001, Stewart Clatworthy and Mary Jane Norris
  • A New Beginning: National Non-Reserve Aboriginal Housing Strategy, Charles Hill
  • A New Open Model Approach to Projecting Aboriginal Populations, Stewart Clatworthy, Mary Jane Norris, and Éric Guimond
  • Spatial Residential Patterns of Aboriginals and their Socio-Economic Integration in Selected Canadian Cities, T.R. Balakrishnan and Rozzett Jurdi

About the Authors

Jerry P. White
University of Western Ontario

Professor White is now Associate Dean (Graduate Studies, Policy and Planning) in Social Science with responsibilities for graduate affairs, strategic planning, and in the development of policy and review processes across the faculty, including both interdisciplinary activities and Aboriginal affairs. He is the Director of the Aboriginal Policy Research Consortium and has authored several books on Aboriginal policy.

Susan Wingert
University of Western Ontario

Susan Wingert is a PhD candidate in the Department of Sociology at the University of Western Ontario. She is also a Research Associate with the Aboriginal Policy Research Consortium.

Paul Maxim
University of Western Ontario

Paul Maxim is Associate Dean (Research) of the Faculty of Social Science, University of Western Ontario. He is co-director of the First Nations Cohesion Project at Western and co-author of Aboriginal Conditions: The Research Foundations of Public Policy (UBC Press, 2003).