Aboriginal Policy Research Vol. 8 - Exploring the Urban Landscape

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Aboriginal Policy Research Volume VIII

Exploring the Urban Landscape

By: Jerry P. White and Jodi Bruhn (Editors)

The research and policy discussions included in Aboriginal Policy Research, Volume VIII, offer a portion of the original papers presented at the third Aboriginal Policy Research Conference held in Ottawa in 2009.

ISBN 978-1-55077-195-4
Edition First
Year 2010
Page Count 280

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Co-chaired by Dan Beavon of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, Jerry White of the University of Western Ontario, and Peter Dinsdale of the National Association of Friendship Centres, this APRC, like those before it, brought researchers, policy-makers, and the Aboriginal community together to make connections, hear about leading research, and learn together.
Volume VIII begins with a look at governance, followed by issues of service delivery, and concludes with a section on social justice.

Table of Contents

Part One: Governance

  • Developing Legal Frameworks for Urban Aboriginal Governance, Brad Morse
  • Indigenous Governance in Winnipeg and Ottawa: Making Space for Self-Determination, Julie Tomiak
  • Measuring Progress, Strengthening Governance, and Promoting Positive Change: Developing Sustainability Indicators with Winnipeg’s Urban First Nations Community, Christa Rust
  • Politiques sociales, identité et relations entre Autochtones et Québécois: le cas de la ville de Val-d’Or (Québec), Suzanne Dugré and Daniel Thomas
Part Two: Service Delivery
  • Thinking About Service Delivery: Aboriginal Providers, Universal Providers, and the Role of Friendship Centres, Nicholas Spence and Jerry White
  • Politiques publiques et santé des Autochtones résidant en milieu urbain: l’autonomie gouvernementale, une condition de la redéfinition d’un partenariat équitable entre l’État et les Autochtones, Thibault Martin and Eric Diotte
  • Community Influences on the Mental Health of First Nations Children in Canada: Health Information and Research Division, Statistics Canada, Dafna Kohen and Lisa Oliver
  • Keeping the Circle Strong: Social Promotion through Community Networking to Strengthen Off-Reserve Child Welfare, Judy Gillespie and Dennis Whitford
  • Finding a Place for Race at the Policy Table: Broadening the Indigenous Education Discourse in Canada, Tracy L. Friedel
Part Three: Justice
  • Trafficking of Aboriginal Women and Girls in Canada, Anette Sikka
  • Incarceration and the Aboriginal Offender: Potential Impacts of the Tackling Violent Crime Act and the Corrections Review Panel Recommendations, Michelle M. Mann
  • Preventing Aboriginal Youth Gang Involvement in Canada: A Gendered Approach, Mark Totten

About the Authors

Jerry P. White
University of Western Ontario

Jerry P. White serves as Associate Dean (Graduate Studies, Policy and Planning) in Social Science with responsibilities for graduate affairs, strategic planning, and in the development of policy and review processes across the faculty, including both interdisciplinary activities and Aboriginal affairs. He is the Director of the Aboriginal Policy Research Consortium and has authored several books on Aboriginal policy.

Jodi Bruhn
University of Calgary

Jodi Bruhn completed a PhD in Political Science at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, and an M.A. in Political Science at the University of Calgary. Formerly a senior researcher with the Aboriginal Governance program at the Institute on Governance, Jodi now works for the Office of the Federal Interlocutor for Métis and Non-Status Indians where she manages the office's Aboriginal Policy Research Network on policy issues affecting urban, Métis, and non-status Indians.