The Art of Evaluation, 2e - A Resource for Educators and Trainers

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The Art of Evaluation

A Resource for Educators and Trainers

By: Tara Fenwick and Jim Parsons

The Art of Evaluation is a practical introduction to learner evaluation in the various contexts of adult education. Authors Tara J. Fenwick and Jim Parsons highlight and review the principles of evaluation, and provide strategies on how to implement evaluation in different learning situations.

ISBN 978-1-55077-166-4
Edition Second
Year 2009
Page Count 288

$ 48.95


Building upon its reputation as an essential resource for current and future educators, this edition of The Art of Evaluation is more user-friendly and includes two new chapters to help provide further context in assessment (Chapter 15: Assessment for Learning) and to examine the role of web-based learning (Chapter 16: Assessing Online Distance Learning). The Art of Evaluation is essential reading for those who are concerned about the critical role of evaluation in the learning process.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  • The Purpose of Evaluation
  • Evaluating Your Philosophy
  • Planning for Evaluation
  • Developing Criteria for Evaluation
  • Choosing a Strategy
  • Evaluating Technical Skills
  • Evaluating Performance
  • Evaluating Growth in Conceptual Knowledge
  • Evaluating “Levels” of Conceptual Growth
  • Evaluating “Relational” Skills
  • Towards Dynamic Assessment
  • Helping Learners Evaluate Themselves
  • Integrating Ongoing Evaluation into the Learning Process
  • Evaluating for Grades
  • Assessment for Learning:
  • Assessing Online Distance Learning
  • Evaluating Your Practice
Tool Boxes
  • Toolbox 1—Assessing Portfolios
  • Toolbox 2—Assessing Learner Journals
  • Toolbox 3—Assessing Written Assignments
  • Toolbox 4—Assessing with Video
  • Toolbox 5—Assessing Through Performance Observation
  • Toolbox 6—Assessing with Rating Scales
  • Toolbox 7—Using Participant Course Evaluations
  • Toolbox 8—Using Learner Contracts
  • Toolbox 9—Using Case Studies for Evaluation
  • Toolbox 10—Assessment in Online Courses
  • Toolbox 11—Evaluation Through Peer Assessment
  • Toolbox 12—Using Objective Tests to Evaluate

About the Authors

Tara J. Fenwick
University of British Columbia

Tara J. Fenwick is a professor and head of the Department of Educational Studies at the University of British Columbia where she specializes in workplace and professional learning, focusing particular interest in knowledge politics, identities, and evaluation.

Jim Parsons
University of Alberta

Jim Parsons is a professor in the Department of Secondary Education at the University of Alberta, where he specializes in curriculum development and works with school district-based programs. He has also served as the director for the Masters of Educational Studies, an alternative delivery graduate program at the University of Alberta.