Contexts of Adult Education - Canadian Perspectives

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Contexts of Adult Education

Canadian Perspectives

By: Tara Fenwick, Tom Nesbit, and Bruce Spencer (Editors)

The contributors to this volume are leading researchers and practitioners in Canada from coast to coast. The editors' goal has been to provide a critically informed overview of adult education today. This volume is timed to commemorate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Canadian Association for the Study of Adult Education/l’Association Canadienne pour l’Étude de l’Éducation des Adultes [CASAE/ACÉÉA].

ISBN 978-1-55077-160-2
Edition First
Year 2006
Page Count 384

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How can one make sense of such a complex endeavor as the practice of adult education? The editors of this volume have adopted the notion of contexts. The contexts of adult education include:

  • Historical contexts that shape the practice of adult educators
  • Philosophical contexts that underpin their activities
  • Socio-economic contexts by which practitioners are informed
  • Community contexts in which they are located
  • Practice contexts that their activities reveal

Table of Contents

1. Contexts in Transition

  • Intimations of a Just Learning Society: From the United Farmers of Alberta to Henson's Provincial Plan in Nova Scotia, Michael R. Welton
  • Histories of Aboriginal Adult Education in Canada, Wendy E.Burton and Gwen Point
  • Building Black Identity and Community, Jennifer Kelly
  • Women and Adult Education in Canadian Society, Nancy Taber and Patricia A.Gouthro
  • Adult Citizenship Education: An Overview of the Field, Daniel Schugurensky
  • Cross-Cultural Teaching and Research in Adult Education, Susan M. Brigham and Patricia A.Gouthro
2. Philosophical and Critical Contexts
  • Challenging Social Philosophobia, Elizabeth A. Lange
  • Postfoundationalism in Adult Education, Leona M. English
  • The Critical Legacy: Adult Education Against the Claims of Capital, Michael Collins
  • Critical Adult Education: Engaging the Social in Theory and Practice, André P. Grace
  • Frameworks for Synthesis of the Field of Adult Learning Theory, Peter Sawchuk
  • A Way of Seeing: Transformation for a New Century, Sue M. Scott
3. Contexts of Work and Economy
  • Human Capital and the Knowledge Economy, Paul Bouchard
  • The Political Economy of Adult Learning in Canada, Kjell Rubenson and Judith Walker
  • Work, Learning and Adult Education in Canada, Tara J. Fenwick
  • Adult Education in the Changing Context of Immigration: New Challenges in a New Era, Shibao Guo
  • Labour Education, Bruce Spencer and Jeffery Taylor
  • Adult Education and Health: Will Words Get in the Way?, Donna M. Chovanec and Karen M. Foss
4.Contexts of Community and Social Movements
  • Social Movement Learning: Theorizing a Canadian Tradition, Budd L. Hall
  • Popular Education and Canadian Engagements with Social Movement Praxis in the South, Dip Kapoor
  • Environmental Adult Education in Canada, Darlene E. Clover
  • Towards Celebration through Education: Queer Canadian Adult Education, John P. Egan and Anthony J. Flavell
  • Mothers as Popular Educators: Love Lives in Social Act, Dorothy A. Lander
  • Adult Education and the Arts, Shauna Butterwick and Jane Dawson
5. Contexts of Practice
  • Training of Adult Educators in Quebec, Mohamed Hrimech and Nicole A. Tremblay
  • Not Waving but Drowning: Canadian University Extension for Social Change Revisited, Denis J. Haughey
  • Distance Education Online: A Forum for Adult Education?, Dianne Conrad and Bruce Spencer
  • Coming to Terms with Prior Learning Assessment, Geoff Peruniak and Rick Powell
  • Towards a Canadian Research Culture in Adult Literacy Learning, Maurice Taylor and Adrian Blunt
  • What Does it Mean to be a Professional? The Challenges of Professionalization for Adult Literacy and Basic Education, B. Allan Quigley
  • Adult Education without Borders, Shahrzad Mojab

About the Authors

Tara J. Fenwick
University of British Columbia

Tara J. Fenwick is a professor and head of the Department of Educational Studies at the University of British Columbia where she specializes in workplace and professional learning, focusing particular interest in knowledge politics, identities and evaluation.

Tom Nesbit
Simon Fraser University

Tom Nesbit is Associate Dean of Continuing Studies (Programs) at Simon Fraser University.

Bruce Spencer
Athabasca University

Bruce Spencer is a Professor in the Centre for Work and Community Studies at Athabasca University.