Little Mosie From The Margaree - A Biography of Michael Moses Coady

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Little Mosie From The Margaree

A Biography of Michael Moses Coady

By: Michael Welton

In this comprehensive biography, Michael Welton describes and evaluates "Little Mosie from the Margaree," his times, and the movement he created.

ISBN 978-1-55077-122-0
Edition First
Year 2000
Page Count 288

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From the early to late 1930s, a movement for a people's economy, named the "Antigonish Movement," caught the imagination of the world. It leader was Rev. Moses Coady, Nova Scotia's native son from the Margaree Valley. Journalists, liberal-minded religious leaders, papal authorities, eastern seaboard intellectuals, professors, theologians, social reformers, wild-eyed dreamers, co-operative leaders, and innocent youth came from far and wide to witness the "miracle of Antigonish." Hard minds and doubting hearts simply melted as tourists of the co-operative miracle witnessed rustic lobster factories, credit unions and co-op stores spring up in communities with previously unremarkable histories.

Antigonish, a small town in Nova Scotia, was transformed into an imaginative space into which people could project their social fantasies. Many people of Christian persuasion, spiritually dislocated and bewildered by the scale and scope of change in the post-World War I era, desperately wanted their leader, Moses Michael Coady, to be their modern Moses who could fashion a non-violent alternative to fascism and communism. They wanted someone to lead them out of oppression into the promised land of co-operation. Throughout his tumultuous mature life, from his mid 40s to his late 70s, Moses Coady thundered against the "vested interests" that kept the common people enchained.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • A New and Disturbing Presence
  • On the Side of the Impossible
  • Fields of Lost Opportunity
  • Mobilizing the People for Enlightenment
  • In the Eye of the World
  • Conceptual Architectonics
  • The World May Break Your Heart
  • Living in Dangerous Times: 1945-1952
  • Land of Moab: 1952-59
  • Dreaming Beyond the Mountain
  • Index

About the Author

Michael Welton
Mount Saint Vincent University

Michael Welton is a professor in the Faculty of Education at Mount Saint Vincent University.