Unearthing Canada's Hidden Past - A Short History of Adult Education

Michael Welton

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Unearthing Canada's Hidden Past

A Short History of Adult Education

By: Michael Welton

Unearthing Canada's Hidden Past is an examination of the history of adult education and adult learning in Canada. The book focuses on learning that takes place in areas or situations not always associated with education such as workplaces, the home and community groups.

ISBN 978-1-55077-228-9
Edition First
Year 2012
Page Count 250

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In Unearthing Canada’s Hidden Past, Michael Welton provides an overview of adult learning and education in Canada from the first contact between Canada’s First Nations and European settlers, through the industrialization of Canada, the political turmoil of the twentieth century, right up until the digital revolution of the present day. Welton focuses on “uncommon schools” and encourages readers to think about how men, women, and children were educated in different times and places as well as how our foremothers and forefathers learned to make a living, live their lives, and express themselves, often in difficult and taxing circumstances.

About the Author

Michael Welton
University of British Columbia

Michael Welton received his Ph.D. from UBC in the history of education and has taught at Dalhousie University and Mount St. Vincent University. He is currently a faculty member in educational studies at Athabasca University and an adjunct professor with the Centre for Higher Education and Training at UBC. His previous books include biographical studies of Fathers Jimmy Tompkins and Moses Coady (also published by Thompson Publishing) as well as Designing the Just Learning Society: A Critical Inquiry (published by NIACE).