Ethnic Inequality in a Class Society

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Ethnic Inequality in a Class Society

By: Peter S. Li

Ethnic Inequality in a Class Society explores the influence of ethnic origin on the educational attainment, class position, and income levels of various ethnic groups in Canada.

ISBN 978-1-55077-030-8
Edition First
Year 1990
Page Count 180

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Table of Contents

Themes of Equality and Inequality: The Mobility Dream

  • The Myth of the Melting Pot
  • The Assimilationist Bias and the Multicultural Myth
  • Structural Mobility and Inequality
  • Universalism and the Welfare State
  • Social Achievement and Status Attainment
  • Summary
Ethnicity, Culture, and Achievements: Ethnicity and Race
  • Cultural Explanations of Socio-Economic Performance
  • A Critique of Cultural Identity
  • A Critique of Cultural Explanations
  • Summary
The Labour Market Under Capitalism: Status Attainment Models and Their Critiques
  • Features of the Capitalist System
  • Class and Inequality
  • Ethnicity and Race as Sources of Inequality
  • Summary
Dimensions of Ethnic Inequality: The Vertical Mosaic Reconsidered
  • Methodological Issues of Ethnic Inequality
  • Dimensions of Ethnic Inequality
  • Summary
Does Ethnicity Matter?: Educational Opportunity
  • Ethnicity and Schooling
  • Ethnicity and Earnings
  • Ethnicity and Class
  • Summary
The Costs and Benefits of Ethnicity: The Effects of Schooling on Income
  • Net Effect of Ethnic Origin on Schooling
  • Net Effect of Ethnic Origin on Earnings
  • Sources of Social Inequality
  • Summary
Ethnicity and Social Inequality: The Myth of Equality
  • Inequality under Capitalism
  • What is Ethnicity Measuring?
  • Ethnic Inequality in Canada
  • The Vertical Mosaic Revisited