Families Under Stress - Community Work and Economic Change

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Families Under Stress

Community Work and Economic Change

By: Stewart Crysdale

Families Under Stress explores the adaptation of families in a downtown community to changes in the work and community environment over a period of nearly twenty years.

ISBN 978-1-55077-007-0
Edition First
Year 1990
Page Count 180

$ 19.95


The author looks at changes in job satisfaction, social mobility, family-work tension, marital discord, sex roles, education, religious and community ties, race relations and political participation. The study has important implications for public policy with respect to education, employment, community organization and the provision of community services.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • The Family Adapts
  • Some Things Change; Others Don't
  • Job Mobility and Correlates: Indicators of Opportunity
  • How Workers Feel About Jobs
  • Education: Leveller and Barrier
  • Associations and Politics: The Decline of Social Bonding
  • Faith: Defender and Liberator
  • Family-Work Tension and Marital Accord
  • Sex Roles and Spousal Conflict
  • Afterview, Discussion and Policy Implications
  • Appendix