Understanding Diversity - Ethnicity and Race in the Canadian Context

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Understanding Diversity

Ethnicity and Race in the Canadian Context

By: Wsevolod W. Isajiw

This book describes the essential features of the “sub-discipline” that has emerged in this area and it details what we know, don’t know, and still need to know about ethnicity and ethnic and race relations in Canada.

ISBN 978-1-55077-102-2
Edition First
Year 1999
Page Count 288

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The Canadian census lists more than one hundred ethnicities in the Canadian population, making it rather unique even among modern, multi-ethnic nations. Understanding Diversity is a core text for use at universities and colleges across Canada. Its aim is to stimulate students to think about ethnicity and race in a more systematic, analytical manner — one that will lead to a better understanding of the important place of ethnicity in Canada and in the global society.

Over the past 30 years or so, an entire body of theoretical and empirical knowledge has developed about ethnicity and ethnic and race relations in Canada. While researchers may disagree on specific issues, they have much in common and they share a basic agreement on the importance of quantitative and qualitative methods in resolving their outstanding differences.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Ethnic Diversity in the Global Society

  • Basic Questions and Approach
1. The Meaning of Ethnicity and Ethnic Relations
  • Towards a Definition of Ethnic Group
  • Ethnic Group Defined
  • Race
  • Types of Ethnic Groups
  • Theoretical Approaches to the Study of Ethnicity
  • General Theories of Ethnicity
  • Intergroup Relations: Conceptual Framework
  • Mechanisms of Interethnic Relations
2. Contemporary Ethnic Relations
  • Canada as a Modern Post-Industrial Society
  • Salient Historical Features of the Canadian Social Structure
  • Ethnic Composition of Canadian Population
  • Conclusion
3. International Migration
  • Types of International Migration
  • Permanent Migration
  • Temporary-Stay Migration
  • Periodic Migration
  • Structure of Relationship between Migrant and Established Groups
4. Immigration to Canada
  • Stages of Settlement and Immigration in Canada
  • Since 1968: The “Merit Point System”
  • Conclusion: An “Honourable Host-Newcomer Agreement”
  • Problems of Immigrant Adjustment
  • Conclusion
5. The Incorporation of Ethnic Groups
  • Ethnic Stratification as Differential Social Incorporation
  • Determinants of Ethnic Status
  • Ethnic Status Determinants Derived from the Majority Ethnic Group
  • Ethnic Status Determinants Derived from the State of the Economy and Polity: Availability of Opportunities
  • Ethnic Status Determinants Derived from the Ethnic Minority Communities
  • Ethnic Community Internal Stratification
  • Measurement of Ethnic Stratification
  • Measurement of the Subjective Aspects of Ethnic Stratification
  • The Problem of a Unified Measure of Ethnic Stratification
  • Ethnic Stratification: Social-Psychological Mechanisms of Perpetuation
  • Conclusion
6. Prejudice and Racism
  • Stereotypes
  • Attitudes of Likes and Dislikes, Trust and Mistrust: Social Distance
  • Ideological Prejudice: Racism
  • Prejudice, Ethnicity and Gender
  • Prejudice and Discrimination
  • Institutional Racism
  • Theories of Prejudice
  • Effects of Prejudice
  • Eliminating Prejudice
7. Cultural and Identity Incorporation
  • Inculturation (Cultural Assimilation)
  • Stages of Social Incorporation Process
  • Factors Hastening or Retarding Social Incorporation
8. Ethnic Identity Retention
  • Studies of Ethnic Identity Retention
  • Selective Ethnic Identity Construction; Generations: Conflict and Forms of Identity
  • Factors of Ethnic Identity Retention
  • Ethnic Identity and Social Change
9. Interethnic Relations
  • Ethnic Groups and Social Mobility
  • Ethnic Organizations and Leadership
  • The Politics of Interethnic Relations
  • Quebec in Question
  • Aboriginal Peoples in Change
10. Ethnic Diversity and Societal Integration
  • Ethnic Diversity and the State
  • Human Rights Legislation in Canada
  • Public Policies and Societal Integration
  • The Policy of Multiculturalism
  • Symbolic Content of Societal Integration
  • Towards Key Principles of Inter-ethnic Cooperation and Conflict Resolution