Winners and Losers - Sport and Physical Activity in the 90s

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Winners And Losers

Sport and Physical Activity in the 90s

By: Jill Le Clair

Winners and Losers: Sport & Physical Activity in the 90s is an introduction to the role of sports and recreation activity in Canadian society in the 1990s. Students will find this book interesting. It presupposes only an interest in sport and then takes the student through the issues in Canadian sport today. It is written at a level that is accessible to students who have never taken a course in this area.

ISBN 978-1-55077-037-7
Edition First
Year 1992
Page Count 352

$ 42.95


Winners and Losers includes material on the federal and provincial organization of Canadian sport, culture and competition, women and minorities, the business and economics of sport, and the use of performance-enhancing drugs. A recurring theme is the role of women, minorities and persons with disabilities and the pressing need to redefine sport and recreation to ensure equal access for all.

Included are 50 profiles of important Canadian sports figures, many based on personal interviews with the author. There are approximately 300 boxed inserts and 120 photographs. For the student's benefit, key words are highlighted throughout the text. The book also contains tables, charts, figures, and descriptions of important sports facts. At the end of each chapter are review questions, key terms and concepts, and essay questions.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • 1. Why Study Sport?
  • 2. What is Sport?
  • 3. Culture and Competition
  • 4. How Children Become Athletes
  • 5. Coaches and What They Do
  • 6. Sport Participation: Can Only the Rich Play?
  • 7. Women and Minorities in Sport
  • 8. Who Benefits from Sport Scholarships
  • 9. Sport Structures in Canada
  • 10. The Business of Sport
  • 11. Violence and Aggression in Sports
  • 12. Drugs and Sport: Performance Enhancers
  • 13. Where is Sport Going?