Woman Abuse - Sociological Perspectives

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Woman Abuse

Sociological Perspectives

By: Walter Dekeseredy and Ronald Hinch

Woman Abuse: Sociological Perspectives is a broad-based analysis of female victimization in Canada. DeKeseredy and Hinch examine not only the common problem of wife-beating, but many other forms of woman abuse.

ISBN Walter Dekeseredy and Ronald Hinch
Edition First
Year 1991
Page Count 172

$ 19.95


A comprehensive, critical overview of four major issues is provided: wife abuse, premarital woman abuse, rape and sexual assault, and corporate violence. The strengths and weaknesses of various policies aimed at curbing such problems are discussed and suggestions for future research are offered. Included is an extensive bibliography of the literature on woman abuse.

Since its publication in 1991, this book has been used widely in women and family studies programs and in criminology courses at colleges and universities. Woman Abuse: Sociological Perspectives is one of the first books by sociologists to examine this pressing social problem.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Wife Abuse:

  • Who is a Wife?
  • What is Wife Abuse?
  • How Many Canadian Wives are Abused?
  • Patterns of Wife Abuse
  • Theories of Wife Abuse
  • Policy Issues
  • Summary
3. Premarital Woman Abuse
  • What is a Dating Relationship?
  • What is Premarital Woman Abuse?
  • How Many Women are Abused in Premarital Relationships?
  • Patterns of Woman Abuse in University Dating
  • Theories of Woman Abuse in University Dating Relationships
  • Policy Issues
  • Summary
4. Rape and Sexual Assault
  • What is Rape and Sexual Assault?
  • How Many Canadian People are Raped and Sexually Assaulted?
  • Patterns of Sexual Assault in Canada
  • Theories of Sexual Assault
  • Policy Issues
  • Summary
5. Corporate Violence
  • What is Corporate Violence?
  • How Many Women are Victims of Corporate Violence?
  • Theories of Corporate Violence
  • Policy Implications
  • Summary
  • Conclusion
Obscene Phone Calls and Other Types of Non-violent Sexual Assault
  • Child Abuse
  • Violence Against Prostitutes
  • Elder Abuse in Domestic Settings
  • References
  • Index