Youth in Transition

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Youth In Transition

Perspectives on Research and Policy

By: Burt Galaway and Joe Hudson

Canadian youth today are facing challenges not seen by previous generations as they make the transition to adulthood. Communities, families, schools and other institutions that have traditionally provided support are now struggling to meet the changing needs of young people in innovative and more effective ways.

ISBN 978-1-55077-078-0
Edition First
Year 1996
Page Count 362

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Youth in Transition is a thorough summation of research on the broad area of youth transitions in Canada. It describes and critically assesses thinking on this important issue as well as the implications of this research for Canadian policy and programming. The text concludes with a working agenda for future research efforts.

Table of Contents


  • 1. Youth Transitions in Cross-Cultural Perspective: School-to-Work in Germany by Walter R. Heinz

  • 2. Youth in Transition to Adulthood in Australia: Review of Research and Policy Issues by Johanna Wyn

  • 3. Youth Transitions in the United Kingdom: A Review of Recent Research by Bob Coles

  • 4. U.S. Research on the School-to-Work Transition by Jeylan T. Mortimer

  • 5. Demographic and Career Issues Relating to Youth in Transition to Adulthood by Rosemary A. Venne
  • 6. Facilitating Transitions to Adulthood: Research and Policy Implications by Bryan Hiebert and Barbara Thomlison

  • 7. Young Adults Returning Home: Implications for Social Policy by Barbara A. Mitchell and Ellen M. Gee

  • 8. Range and Limits of Employability Programs for Youths: A Case Study in Quebec's Outaouais by Daniel Turcotte and Yao Assogba

  • 9. Taking Flight? The Transition Experiences of Native Youth by Peter Gabor, Steven Thibodeau and Santanita Manychief

  • 10. Canadian Girls in Transition to Womanhood by Aniko Varpalotai

  • 11. Tales of Transition: Leaving Public Care by Fay E. Martin

  • 12. Educational, Occupational and Family Aspirations of Women: A Longitudinal Study by Gloria Geller

  • 13. Adults with Disabilities: Barriers to Post-Secondary Education by Jennifer Leigh Hill

  • 14. Ethnicity and Educational Aspirations of High-School Students by Jacques Perron

  • 15. Preparation for the World of Work: Research and Policy Implications by E. Dianne Looker and Graham Lowe

  • 16. Transitions, The Life Course, and the Class of '73: Implications for Social Policy by Paul Axelrod and Paul Anisef

  • 17. The Transitions to Adult Roles: Youth Views and Policy Implications by E. Dianne Looker

  • 18. Factors Inhibiting the Transition of Youth to Work and to Adulthood by Alan J.C. King and Marjorie J. Peart

  • 19. Perceptions of Work and Education Transition Problems Encountered After High School by Dennis B. Sharpe

  • 20. Correlates of Post-Secondary Participation by Samuel J. McGrath

  • 21. "Having It All" in the Nineties: The Work and Family Aspirations of Women Undergraduates by Lorna Erwin

  • 22. In Transition from High School to University: First-year Perceptions of the Process by E.L. Donaldson

  • 23. Understanding the Pathway to Employment: The Importance of Going Beyond the Basics in the Career Counselling of Youth by Deborah J. Kennett

  • 24. Employability Problems for At-Risk Youth: The Need for a Partnership Between School and Industry by Bruno Bourassa and Marc Tardif

  • 25. Making It: Work and Alternative School in the Transition from Homelessness by Bill McCarthy and John Hagan

  • 26. Research on Preparation for Intimacy and Family Life: Research and Policy Implications by Yvonne Unrau and Judy Krysik

  • 27. The Role of Mother-Adolescent Competence in the Timing of Sexual Initiation and in the Development of a Mature Intimacy Capacity Towards the Loving Partner by Jocelyne Theriault

  • 28. Childhood Sexual Abuse: Implications for the Development of Intimate Relationships in Adolescence and Adulthood by Deborah Hay

  • 29. Family, Academic, Peer and Individual Influences on the Formation of Intimacy during the First Year of University by Gerald R. Adams, Bruce A. Ryan, Leo J. Keating, Sheila Marshall and Maria Ketsetzis

  • 30. Preparation for Responsible Community Living by Brenda Copeland, Andrew Armitage and Deborah Rutman

  • 31. Facilitating Physical Activity Participation Among Young Adults by Janice Butcher

  • 32. The Impact of Recreation on Youth in Transition to Adulthood: A Focus on Youth-at-Risk by Stacey L. McKay, Ian S. Reid, Mark S. Tremblay and Rene Pelletier

  • 33. The Role of Sport in Preparing Youth for Adulthood by Gretchen A. Kerr

  • 34. Competence and Control in the Transition from Adolescence to Adulthood: A Longitudinal Study of Teenage Mothers by Donna D. McAlpine, Carl F. Grindstaff and Ann Marie Sorenson

  • 35. Woman Abuse in Canadian University and College Dating Relationships: The Contribution of Physical, Sexual, and Psychological Victimization in Elementary and High-School Courtship by Walter S. DeKeseredy

  • 36. Youthful Involvement in Illicit Street Drug Markets: Avenues for Prosperity or Roads to Crime? by Patricia G. Erickson

  • 37. The Lost Generation: Inuit Youth in Transition to Adulthood by Darryl Wood and Curt Taylor Griffiths

  • 38. Direction for Future Research by Joe Hudson and Burt Galaway