Canadian Child Welfare Law - Children, Families and the State

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Canadian Child Welfare Law

Children, Families and the State

By: Nicholas Bala, Michael Kim Zapf, R. James Williams, Robin Vogl, and Joseph P. Hornick

Canadian Child Welfare Law: Children, Families, and the State (2nd edition) provides students in social work and law with an introduction to child welfare law, one of the most complex, demanding and important areas of law and social work practice, but also one that receives relatively little attention in professional schools and academic journals.

ISBN 978-1-55077-144-2
Edition Second
Year 2004
Page Count 348

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The book also offers practicing professionals in the justice and child welfare systems with an introductory text if they have not had the opportunity to study this area during their formal education, and it may serve as a useful reference work for busy professionals. This second edition substantially updates material in the 1991 edition, including consideration of the impact of new legislation and the Charter of Rights.

This edition also has added new chapters on liability issues for child welfare workers and agencies, and on the perspectives of social workers on the legal process. The final chapter offers the personal views of four judges on the challenges that they face in dealing with child welfare cases.

Table of Contents

  • Preface and Acknowledgements
  • Editors and Contributors
  • Foreword by George Thomson
  • 1. Child Welfare Law in Canada: An Introduction, Nicholas Bala
  • 2. Initial Involvement: Reporting Abuse and Protecting Children, Robin Vogl and Nicholas Bala
  • 3. The Child Protection Hearing, Marvin Bernstein and Kristina Reitmeier
  • 4. The Child in Care, Bruce MacLaurin and Nicholas Bala
  • 5. Juvenile Prostitution and Street Kids: Challenges for Child Protection Workers and The Justice System, Augustine Brannigan and Erin Von Brunschot
  • 6. Adoption, Ted Giesbrecht
  • 7. Aboriginal Child Welfare in Canada, Murray Sinclair, Nicholas Bala, Heino Lilles, and Cindy Blackstock
  • 8. The Lawyer's Role
  • A. Representing Children, Dan Goldberg
  • B. Representing Parents, Justice Mary Jane Hatton, Nicholas Bala, and Carol Curtis
  • C. Representing The Agency, Gordon Kelly
  • 9. Abuse and Neglect Allegations in the Context of Parental Separation, Nicholas Bala
  • 10. Criminal Prosecutions for Abuse and Neglect, Shelley Hallett and Nicholas Bala
  • 11. Rules of Evidence and Preparing for Court, D.A. Rollie Thompson
  • 12. Preparing Children for Testifying in Court, Wendy van Tongeren Harvey
  • 13. Liability for Child Welfare Workers: Weighing The Risks, Marvin M. Bernstein, Cheryl Regehr, & Karima Kanani
  • 14. Concluding Thoughts from Social Work, Michael Kim Zapf
  • 15. Child Protection Proceedings: Some Concluding Thoughts from The Bench
  • A. Justice Lynn King
  • B. Judge Patricia Kvill
  • C. Judge Tom Gove
  • D. Judge James C. Wilson
  • Table of Cases
  • Table of Statutes
  • Index