Juristat Reader - A Statistical Overview of the Canadian Justice System

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Juristat Reader

A Statistical Overview of the Canadian Justice System

By: Canadian Centre for Justice Studies

The Juristat Reader provides essential background information and key statistics on aspects of the Canadian justice system.

ISBN 978-1-55077-106-0
Edition First
Year 1999
Page Count 288

$ 29.95


The Juristat Reader is intended as a supplemental text for Canadian university and college students taking courses in the fields of criminology, law and justice. It is also intended for practitioners in these fields wanting a single reference source for justice statistics.

This text includes an introductory article on the Canadian legal system. Also included is an overview article that addresses some of the most frequently asked questions about crime and justice in Canada:

  • Are police-reported crime rates increasing?
  • Are reported crimes rates higher in big cities?
  • Are firearms frequently used to commit violent crimes?
  • What are the most common offences brought to the criminal courts?
  • How long does it take for cases to move through the court system?
  • What proportion of adult criminal cases result in conviction?
  • What proportion of adult convictions result in a prison sentence?
  • How many adults are in custody or under some form of correctional supervision?
  • With what offences are youth most likely to be charged?
  • What type of sentences do young offenders receive?
  • How much does policing cost?

The Juristat Reader is invaluable resource for anyone interested in or connected with the justice system in Canada.

Table of Contents


  • Justice Spending in Canada
  • Private Security and Public Policing in Canada
  • Legal Aid in Canada: 1996–97
  • Adult Correctional Services in Canada, 1996–97
  • A One-Day Snapshot on Inmates in Canada's Adult Correctional Facilities
  • Adult Criminal Court Statistics, 1997–98
  • Youth Court Statistics, 1995–96
  • Highlights
  • Sentencing in Adult Provincial Courts
  • Criminal Victimization: An International Perspective Canadian Crime Statistics, 1997
  • Crime in Major Metropolitan Areas, 1991–1995
  • Violence Committed by Strangers
  • Weapons and Violent Crime
  • Missing and Abducted Children
  • Assaults Against Children and Youth in the Family, 1996
  • Homicide in Canada, 1997
  • Criminal Harassment Breaking and Entering in Canada, 1996
  • Street Prostitution in Canada Illicit Drugs and Crime in Canada