Media and Minorities

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Media And Minorities

Representing Diversity in a Multicultural Canada

By: Augie Fleras and Jean Lock Kunz

Media and Minorities examines the representational basis of media-minority relations in Canada. In so doing, it hopes to make a modest contribution to advancing the cause of a Canada that is inclusive and equitable, workable and fair.

ISBN 978-1-55077-123-7
Edition First
Year 2001
Page Count 202

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Canadians take great pride in their country's commitment to multiculturalism. Institutions that deny ethnic and racial diversity are not only seen as offensive, but they also compromise the challenge of crafting a progressive Canada. The mainstream media in Canada, through its awesome influence over our lives, wields sufficient power to set agendas, construct realities, and frame issues to advance or retard this cause. In defining what is acceptable and desirable, it provides the elusive ingredient for creating a society in which individuals live together respecting their differences.

Table of Contents


  • 1. Multicultural in Canada
  • 2. The Media and Racism
  • 3. Mainstream Media: Discourse in Defense of Ideology
  • 4. Newscasting: "Problematizing " Minorities
  • 5. 'Who's On?: Programming Minorities
  • 6. Advertising: Diversity Sells
  • 7. Filming the Other: Through the Prism of Whiteness
  • 8. Miscasting Minorities: Patterns and Causes
  • 9. "Multiculturalizing" the Mainstream Media
  • 10. Re-Priming the Relationship

About the Authors

Augie Fleras
University of Waterloo

Augie Fleras is Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Waterloo. He is the author of numerous books, including Social Problems in Canada (Third Edition) and Unequal Relations (Third Edition; with Jean Elliott) and Recalling Aotearoa (with Paul Spoonley).

Jean Lock Kunz
Canadian Council on Social Development

Jean Lock Kunz is Senior Research Associate with the Canadian Council on Social Development where she spearheaded and established the cultural diversity research program. She is author of numerous reports and articles, including Advertising Images of Visible Minority Women in Canada (with Augie Fleras), Immigrant Youth in Canada (with Louise Hanvey), and Adapting to Canada: Linguistic profile of immigrant youth. She has recently joined Human Resources Development Canada.