Sport Ethics - Concepts and Cases in Sport and Recreation

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Sport Ethics

Concepts and Cases in Sport and Recreation

By: David Cruise Malloy, Saul Ross, and Dwight H. Zakus

This book is designed to provide an analytical framework to enable readers to explore many of the ethical issues and controversies in sport. It is intended as an introduction to sport ethics for readers in various fields of sport, physical education, health and recreation studies.

ISBN 978-1-55077-129-9
Edition Second
Year 2002
Page Count 268

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Sport has always presented participants, administrators, and observers with a wide array of ethical dilemmas, often displayed in the media. We look in astonishment and horror at such things as the judging debacle in the pairs figure-skating event at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, the not-too-distant future possibility of genetically modified athletes, the bribe taking by members of the IOC, the widespread steroid use by athletes, the child sex-abuse cases in hockey, the acceptance of physical assault and violence, the hooligans among British soccer fans, and the drug abusers at the Tour de France.

This revised and expanded edition is designed to provide an analytical framework for readers to explore and understand the ethical issues and controversies in sport today. Included for discussion purposes are topical case studies from the world of sport and recreation.

Table of Contents

  • 1. New Approaches to Sport Education
  • 2. Recreation and Sport in the New Millennium
  • 3. Introduction to Ethics
  • 4. Sources of Ethical Decision Making
  • 5. Moderators Influencing Ethical Decision Making
  • 6. The Process of Ethical Decision Making
  • 7. Ethical Principles for Sport and Recreation
  • 8. Putting Theory into Action: Case Studies for Model I
  • 9. Putting Theory into Action: Case Studies for Model II
Sample Case Studies
  • Rules Are Rules: Children and Adults
  • Residency Requirements for Minor League Hockey
  • Post-Game Handshakes
  • A Padded Resume
  • The Quest for Records
  • Is Lying Always Lying?
  • Unethical (?) Ethical Advice
  • Health Risk and Sport Participation
  • Acts of Commission, Acts of Omission
  • Sweatshops and Not-for-Profit Fundraisers
  • Harassment and Chivalry
  • Faculty of Kinesiology Student Society: Freedom and Responsibility
  • Cyberbodies, Cyborgs, or Clean Athletes
  • Should Equal Rights Work Both Ways?
  • Spilling the Beans on Major League Baseball
  • Private and Public Responsibility or Private versus Public Responsibility

About the Authors

David Cruise Malloy
University of Regina

David Cruise Malloy is a professor in the Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies at the University of Regina.

Saul Ross
University of Ottawa

Saul Ross, now retired, was a professor in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Ottawa.

Dwight H. Zakus
Griffiths University, Australia

Dwight H. Zakus is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Marketing and Management at Griffith University, Australia.