International Social Work

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International Social Work

Canadian Perspectives

By: Gayle Gilchrist James and Richard Ramsay

International Social Work outlines the ways in which Canadian social workers are, or have been, involved in international work.

ISBN 978-1-55077-169-5
Edition First
Year 2009
Page Count 246

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Since the early days, Canadian social work practitioners and educators have played a leading role in the international development of their profession. Their work has been encouraged by the Canadian Association of Social Workers and the Canadian Association of Schools of Social Work. Both Canadian associations have affiliated status with IFSW and IASSW, and, in turn, enjoy consultation status with the United Nations and its various agencies.

Each of the contributors to this book has been involved in international social work ­practice­—some in developing countries, some in developed countries, some in both.

Table of Contents

  • Preface by Gayle Gilchrist James and Richard F. Ramsay
  • 1. Canadians and International Social Work, by Glenn Drover and Gayla Rogers

Part 1. Social Justice:
  • 2. Social Justice in Iraq: The Construction and Deconstruction of Social Equity, by Jacqueline S. Ismael and Shereen T. Ismael

  • 3. Right to Food Within Canada: International Obligations, Domestic Compliance, by Graham Riches

  • 4. Social Justice and New Labour in Britain: An Insider’s View, by Wendy Thomson

  • 5. Black Men in the Diaspora: Resilient and Surviving but Still Catching Hell, by Wanda Thomas Bernard

Part 2. Social Development:
  • 6. Gender and Development in Central America: Lessons from the Field, by Maureen Wilson

  • 7. Social Development and Human Rights During Economic Transition: Women in Russia and Cuba, by Colleen Lundy and Therese Jennissen

  • 8. Social Work in Africa with Special Reference to Ghana, by Linda Kreitzer

Part 3. Social Work Practice:
  • 9. International Social Work Practice: Frameworks and Suicide Prevention, by Richard F. Ramsay

  • 10. Wombats and Dingos: Contributions to Progressive Social Work Downunder, by Bob Mullaly

  • 11. Internationalizing Social Work in Canada: Working with Immigrants and Refugees, by David Este

  • 12. Promoting Citizenship of Persons with Disabilities: Social Work and the Canada-Russia Disability Program, by Don Fuchs

Part 4. Social Work Education
  • 13. Localizing Social Work: Bedouin-Arab of the Negev, by Alean Al-Krenawi and John R. Graham

  • 14. Promoting Social Work Education in the Ukraine, by Brad McKenzie and Nina Hayduk

  • 15. Framework for Social Work Education: Indigenous World View, by Betty Bastien