Taking Sport Seriously - Social Issues in Canadian Sport - New Edition

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Taking Sport Seriously

Social Issues in Canadian Sport - New Edition

By: Peter Donnelly

This book is a unique collection of primarily Canadian readings in sport and recreation. It is an invaluable resource for students, practitioners, and laypersons interested in the problems and prospects of sport and recreation in Canada.

ISBN 978-1-55077-206-7
Edition Third
Year 2011
Page Count 380

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About the Author

Peter Donnelly
University of Toronto

Peter Donnelly is Director of the Centre for Sport Policy Studies in the Faculty of Physical Education and Health at the University of Toronto.


Widely used in both its first and second edition in courses across Canada, this third edition has been completely revised, reorganized, and expanded in order to highlight significant issues in sports since the start of the new millennium. This edition features 85 new articles, all published since 2000.

In addition to looking at the relationship between sport and factors such as violence, gender/sexuality, race/ethnicity, the economy, and the media, this new edition also features sections focusing on sport and socialization, “deviance,” social class, politics, education, disability, and the future.

This edition features articles from a wide variety of sources including The Globe and Mail, Policy Options, Toronto Life, CBC Sports, and Briarpatch Magazine. Taking Sport Seriously is an invaluable resource for students, practitioners, and laypersons interested in the problems and prospects of sport and recreation in Canada today. No other single volume contains such a wealth of readable Canadian material on the subject.

Table of Contents

Section 1: Significance of Sports

  • Taking Sports Seriously - Elliot J. Gorn and Michael Oriard
  • Expectations for Fairness in Sport - FPT Sport Ministers
  • The Politics of Globalization, Ideology, Gender, and Olympic Sport - Varda Burstyn
  • Excellence in Sport and Other Circuses - Irvin Studin
Section 2: Socialization and Sports
  • Olympic Dreams and Fairy Tales - Douglas Brown
  • Sport and Character Development Among Adolescents - Jay Coakley
  • Hockey Dad’s Diary - Peter Cheney
  • NHL Trade Deadline: The Blueline Blues - Wendy Berg
  • 5, 6, Pickup Sticks - Daniel Sanger
Section 3: Children and Sports
  • The Hockey Act - Thomas G. Keast
  • Pantathlon Declaration on Ethics in Youth Sport
  • Training the Elite Child Athlete - IOC Consensus Statement
  • Red-Carded - Hayley Mick
  • In Thrall to David Frost - Christie Blatchford
  • Reshuffle Your Priorities and Play with Your Kids - André Picard
  • On Kids and Sports: A Manifesto - Jay Coakley
Section 4: Deviance and Sports
  • Unforgiven - Stephen Brunt
  • Death or Glory - Stephen LaRose
  • Un-Levelling the Playing Field - Richard W. Pound
  • The Hypocrisy Game - Douglas Brown
Section 5: Violence in Sports

A: Player and Spectator Violence

  • Hockey Doesn’t Need Fighting - Mark Moore
  • Enough Brain Damage Already - John Allemang
  • The Barbarians are in the Living Room - Stephen Brunt
  • Violence in Sports Backgrounder - Law Connection
  • Five and a Half Myths About North American Sports Crowd Disorder - Kevin Young

B. Hazing, Harassment, Bullying, and Abuse

  • When Rites Go Wrong - Daniel Drolet
  • McGill University Interim Provost’s Report - Anthony C. Masi
  • Coaches Cornered - Erin Anderssen
  • When You’re Asked About the Kobe Bryant Case - Jackson Katz
  • Sexual Harassment and Abuse in Sport
  • IOC Consensus Statement
Section 6: Gender, Sexuality, and Sports
  • Someone’s Gaining on You, Boys - Justine Blainey-Broker
  • “We are Coaches”: Program Tackles the Under-Representation of Female Coaches - Guylaine Demers
  • Vancouver 2010 and Women’s Ski Jumping - Ann Travers
  • Cracking “The (Male) Code” of Player Violence - Michael Atkinson and Kevin Young
  • Transgendered and Transitioned Athletes in the Sport System - Rachel Corbett
  • “I’m a Woman on the Move” - Anne McIlroy
  • Tewksbury Foresees Bright Future for Gay Jocks - James Christie
  • Bucking the System - Gordon Laird
  • Throwing in the Towel on Homophobia - Erin Anderssen and Jeff Blair
Section 7: Race, Ethnicity, and Sports
  • The Healing Power of Hockey - John Stackhouse
  • VANOC Draws on Indigenous Symbols but Fails to Support Indigenous Athletes - Laura Robinson
  • Loneliness of the Native Athlete - Laura Robinson
  • Where Have you Gone, Jackie Robinson? - Bob Levin
  • Muslim Woman Wears Her Hijab and a Black Belt with Pride - Tu Thanh Ha
  • Where are the Minorities? - Lindsey Craig
Section 8: Social Class and Sports
  • Minor Hockey’s Increasingly Major Costs - Mary Ormsby
  • Making the Case for Youth Recreation - Dr. Gina Browne
  • It’s for the Kids - Patti Edgar, Paul Egan, and Leah Janzen
  • Factors Affecting the Uptake of Community Recreation as Health Promotion for Women on Low Incomes - Wendy Frisby and Larena Hoeber
  • Straight Facts About Making it in Pro Hockey - Jim Parcels
  • Down and Out—But Competing for Canada - Dave Bidini
Section 9: Economy and Sports
  • Olympic Sweat - Bruce Kidd
  • Pink Ribbons Go Corporate - Samantha King
  • The Economic Significance of Amateur Sport in the City of Edmonton in 2000 – Executive Summary - Tim Berrett
  • The Economic Significance of Amateur Sport in the City of Calgary in 2002 – Executive Summary - Tim Berrett and Russell Reimer
  • New Stadium as “Urban Renewal” is More Fantasy than Fact - Jesse Hajer
  • Mathletics - Kim Hart-MacNeill and Jasmine Rezaee
  • Boosters’ Millions: Better Ways than the Olympics to Spend $6.1 Billion - Dawn Paley and Isaac Oommen
Section 10: Media and Sports
  • My Nike Media Adventure - Jonah Peretti
  • Sports Consumption Will Undergo Revolution in the Decade Ahead - Stephen Brunt
  • The World’s Best Advertising Agency: The Sports Press - SØren Schultz JØrgensen
  • Playing on the Same Page - Robert Gilbert
  • Women on TV: Looks First, Knowledge Later - William Houston
  • Women in Sports Media: Time for a Victory Lap? - Alina Bernstein
Section 11: Politics and Sports
  • Sport and Citizenship Policy - Jean Harvey
  • Politicians Can Score by Making Sport an Issue - Ian Bird
  • Athletes Urged to Voice Concerns - Jeff Blair
  • The Rules of the Games - Kevin Wamsley
  • The Olympic Games as a Force for Social Change - Jakob Staun and Kirsten Sparre
  • Canada Needs a Two-Track Strategy for Hosting International Games - Bruce Kidd
  • Class-War Games: The Financial and Social Cost of “Securing” the 2010 Olympics - Christopher A. Shaw and Alissa Westergard-Thorpe
  • Own the Podium or Rent It? - Peter Donnelly
  • Rent the Podium Revisited: Reflections on Vancouver 2010 - Peter Donnelly
Section 12: Education and Sports
  • Selling the Olympics in the Schools - Jenn Hardy
  • Is it Time for Examinations in Physical Fitness? - André Picard
  • A Sporting Chance - Richard Young
  • Hoop Dreams—Bound for Glory - Michael Grange
  • When a Career Reaches a Crossroads - James Mirtle
Section 13: Disability and Sports
  • Why Won’t You Let Me Play? - Lauren McKeon
  • Everyone Deserves the Right to Reach for the Sky - André Picard
  • Hoop Dreams at Arm’s Length - James Mirtle
  • His Name is Earle - Grant Robertson
Section 14. Future and Sports
  • The Killing Field - Randy Turner
  • The Power of Sport for Development - Bruce Kidd
  • Hunting Waves—and Peace—with the Gaza Surf Club - Grant Shilling
  • Faster, Higher, Sneakier - Alex Hutchinson
  • “We’re Not Developing as Many Kids as We Used To” - Brandon Hicks