Teaching Physical Education Today - Canadian Perspectives

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Teaching Physical Education Today

Canadian Perspectives

By: Daniel B. Robinson and Lynn Randall (Editors)

Teaching Physical Education Today: Canadian Perspectives was written with the specific concerns of Canadian health and physical education teachers in mind. It is intended for use as a core textbook in teaching programs across the country, a course book for those seeking to gain additional qualification (AQ) in health and physical education, and a reference for working teachers who want to deliver lively instruction to their students.

ISBN 978-1-55077-231-9
Edition First
Year 2013
Page Count 320

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This text provides educators and prospective teachers with a deeper understanding of education theory and the practical aspects of delivering an effective health and physical education program at both the elementary and secondary levels. It is an invaluable resource for both new and experienced H&PE teachers alike.


  • Comprehensive coverage of the practical and conceptual issues involved in teaching H&PE today
  • Authored by leading H&PE scholars from faculties across Canada
  • Covers topics such as curriculum models, planning, assessment, diversity in the classroom, and health and physical literacy
  • Assessment templates and practical teaching tips
  • Case Studies with Reflection Questions in each chapter
  • Key Terms highlighted throughout with definitions

Table of Contents


  • 1. Physical Education: Looking Back, Looking Forward Nick Forsberg and David Chorney
  • 2. Becoming a Teacher of Health and Physical Education Tim Fletcher, Carolyn Temertzoglou, and Nick Forsberg
  • 3. Curriculum Models Joanna Sheppard and Doug Gleddie
  • 4. Planning for Instruction Lynn Randall and Dan Robinson
  • 5. The Instructional Process Barb Olmsted and Nancy Melnychuk
  • 6. Assessment and Health and Physical Education Dan Robinson and Lynn Randall
  • 7. Diversities in Physical Education Catherine Casey and Jeanne Adèle Kentel (with Erin Cameron)
  • 8. Adapted/Inclusive Health & Physical Education William Harvey
  • 9. Indigenous Knowledge and Health and Physical Education Brenda Kalyn
  • 10. Health and Physical Education, Safety, & the Law David Young
  • 11. Critical Approaches to Pedagogy William Harvey
  • 12. Movement Domains Chunlei Lu, Nancy Francis, Ken Lodewyk
  • 13. Physical Literacy Rebecca Lloyd and Stephen Smith
  • 14. Health Literacy Stephen Berg, Clive Hickson, and Antony Card
  • 15. Technology in Health and Physical Education David Chorney
  • 16. Beyond Health and Physical Education: School-Based Physical Activity Programming Joe Barrett

About the Authors

Daniel B. Robinson, PhD.

Daniel B. Robinson, PhD, is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education at St. Francis Xavier University. He teaches undergraduate courses in elementary and secondary physical education curriculum and instruction. He also teaches graduate courses in current research in curriculum and instruction in physical education, administration of inclusive schools, curriculum theory, and school and teaching effectiveness. Dr. Robinson’s research focuses on culturally responsive physical education, gender and physical education, and Teaching Games for Understanding (TGFU).

Lynne Randall, PhD.

Lynn Randall, PhD, is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of New Brunswick. She teaches undergraduate courses in elementary and secondary physical education curriculum and instruction. She also teaches graduate courses in current issues in curriculum and instruction. Dr. Randall’s research focuses on physical education and pre-service physical education teacher education.