Adult Education in Canada - Historical Essays

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Adult Education in Canada

Historical Essays

By: Gordon Selman

Written over decades during which he was an active participant, Selman describes the history of the adult education movement in Canada and the role of its major leaders.

ISBN 978-1-55077-074-2
Edition First
Year 1995
Page Count 300

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Table of Contents

Part One: The Meaning of Adult Education

  • Adult Education: An Awakening Force
  • The Adult Educator: Change Agent or Program Technician?
  • Between Social Movement and Profession: Perspectives on Canadian Adult Education
  • The Fifties: Pivotal Decade in Canadian Adult Education
  • Adult Education in Two Depressions
Part Two: Some Historical Dimensions
  • Stages in the Development of Canadian Adult Education (CAAE)
  • Adult Education and Citizenship
  • 1972 — Year of Affirmation for Adult Education
  • Early Adult Education Associations in Canada
  • Specialization or Balkanization: Organizations of Adult Educators
Part Three: The Canadian Association for Adult Education
  • The CAAE in the Corbett Years: A Re-evaluation
  • Roby Kidd and the CAAE, 1951-1961
  • Alan Thomas and the CAAE, 1961-1970
  • The CAAE, 1935-1982
Part Four: Adult Education in BC: A General History
  • Invisible Giant
  • Government's Role in Adult Education: 1933-39, 1976-83
  • Constitutional Reform and Related Issues & Early Developments; The Quebec Issue; Constitution Act, 1982; The Meech Lake Accord; The Charlottetown Accord; Confrontation over Natural Resources; Co-ordination of Economic and Social Policies; Summary
Part Five: Adult Education in BC: The Early Years
  • Adult Education in Barkerville, 1863-1875
  • Adult Education in Vancouver before 1914
  • Mechanics' Institutes in British Columbia
  • Origins of Local Evening Classes in British Columbia
Part Six: Adult Education in BC: The Great Depression
  • Adult Education in British Columbia during the Depression
  • The Morale of the People: Reflections on Adult Education in British Columbia in the Great Depression

About the Author

Gordon Selman
University of British Columbia

Gordon R. Selman is an Associate Professor of Adult Education at the University of British Columbia.