Leisure and Recreation in Canadian Society - Third Edition

Online Instructor Support

Access all of your teaching material, anywhere.

Our new and improved online instructor support, Learn., allows you to access all of your teaching material from anywhere. Don't have a learning management system (LMS) in your school? The new, built-in course management features will help you manage your course by easily accessing tests and quizzes, grades and course resources all in one centralized location. Learn. is a digital learning experience to help you save time and increase learning outcomes in your class.

Online Instructor Support Includes:

Digital Textbook Content
  • Highlight important sections and add chapter notes
  • Download chapter notes
Chapter PowerPoint Slides
  • 30-40 slides per chapter
  • Ability to edit/personalize slides before sharing with students
Custom Test Builder
  • Select questions from our test bank
  • Create custom questions (multiple choice, fill in the blanks, short answer and essay questions)
  • Assign tests digitally or download file
Course Management Functionality (Optional)
  • Create online classrooms and invite students to join for free
  • Course calendar automatically sends email reminders to students regarding upcoming due dates and classroom events
  • Create and assign digital tests and practice quizzes
  • Built-in Markbook automatically tracks student results*
  • Upload files to share with students
  • *Short answer and essay questions must be inputted manually.