Learn. for HigherEd

The all-new Learn. app for HigherEd provides an enhanced online learning experience for both you and your students.

Instructor Support & Online Classroom.

All your teaching materials and tools, at your fingertips.

Full Digital Access to
Instructor Materials

The Online Instructor Support allows you to access your digital teaching files and textbook content from anywhere you have an internet connection. The digital textbook allows you not only to highlight important sections, but also make notes, which you can download into a single document for future reference.

Create your Online Classroom

Once you’ve activated your resource, take your course to the next level by creating an online classroom and inviting your students to join. Keep your students organized by recording all upcoming assignments in the Classroom Calendar and by using our new Custom Test Builder to create and assign tests and quizzes. The results are automatically recorded in the Classroom Markbook, which will help free up time.

Test Builder

The Custom Test Builder allows you to create tests and quizzes for your students. You can either select questions from a test bank of questions, or create your own questions and answers. Questions types include multiple choice, true/false and short answer.

Once you have created a test you can either assign it to your classroom digitally, or print it off to hand out in class. Use the test builder to create weekly quizzes, chapter tests or even practice exams.

Classroom Calendar

Use the classroom calendar to help keep your students organized. All custom tests that you create and assign digitally are automatically added to your classroom calendar. You can also create personal events and shared classroom events for things like in-class assignments and reading lists.

No more forgotten tests or assignments, students will be automatically emailed reminders one-day prior to any classroom event. Plus students can always see all upcoming events by simply clicking on the classroom calendar.

Classroom Markbook

The Classroom Markbook records the results from all the tests and quizzes you assign digitally. If you ever need to take a closer look at a student’s results you can drill down and look at the individual answers.

The Classroom Markbook will record each attempt you assign, using the best result towards the student’s average grade. This will help you keep track of each student’s progress, engagement and improvement.

Classroom Settings

Managing your classroom has never been easier. Invite your students to join your online classroom by sharing the unique enrollment code found under your Classroom Settings.

The Classroom Settings also allows you to remove students who have dropped your class under the ‘Manage Students’ tab. We even allow you to archive expired classrooms.