Investing Together in Teacher & Student Success

At Thompson Educational Publishing (TEP) we go beyond traditional textbook publishing. We work closely with schools, school boards, and provinces to understand their unique needs and custom-build implementation strategies to help more teachers and students succeed. We’re in classrooms, conferences and boardrooms across the country listening to educators, students and parents. We provide resources and customized professional development opportunities that inspire your teachers and students to succeed.

Creating Resources That Teachers & Students Deserve

Ministry Approved and Curriculum-Based

TEP is committed to the development of curriculum-based resources that raise the quality of education in schools across Canada. Our resources are evidence-based and student-centered. We are always looking to improve our resources to help today’s students become tomorrow’s leaders – that’s our commitment to educators.

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Investing in the 21st Century Classroom

The way we learn is changing. So we created Learn., an online learning platform designed for the 21st century learner. It's online learning, made easy.