Teacher Training & Professional Development

Designed for Teacher & Student Success

At Thompson Educational Publishing, we believe that building the capacity of leaders, like yourself, to establish and sustain highly effective programs is vital to both teacher and student success. We provide training and professional development opportunities that increase each teacher's ability to improve the health and education of students in your schools and community. Whether it’s providing excellent physical and health education, improving the overall health of the school environment, or implementing policy at the school, board, or provincial level, you’re making a difference in the physical, mental, social, and emotional wellbeing of students.

Let’s build on the amazing work you’re already doing. Together, we can transform H&PE in your schools and community.

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Co-Constructed Teacher Training

Creating Capacity & Sustainability at the Board, School, and Classroom Levels

Want an on-site, collaborative experience for your schools or board? Hands-on and resource-based, a Teacher Training Workshop is perfect for teachers both new and old to our resources and covers how to connect and engage their students and personalize their lessons, while creating capacity and sustainability for long-term success.

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