Health and Physical Education positively impacts how a person feels physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually

If you still think of Health and Physical Education as “Gym Class,” you are not alone. Many schools are still using the same model introduced in the early 90s. A ball, a whistle, and running around for a period was all that was needed.

But times have changed, and thinking has evolved. More progressive schools have recognized that quality Health and Physical Education programs can provide a gateway to lifelong healthy habits. They understand that with the proper curriculum and resources, young people can develop not just physically, but also mentally, spiritually, and emotionally to set the stage for a better quality of life.


helps students
  • perform daily tasks without feeling tired
  • fight off disease
  • recover from illness


helps students
  • deal with stress
  • cope with change
  • overcome negative feelings
  • maintain a positive outlook


helps students
  • give life purpose
  • understand their self-worth
  • find strategies to relieve stress


helps students
  • feel connected to others
  • maintain good support systems
  • cope with life's ups and downs


Our Resources
  • allow students to feel important and included
  • show them exactly how they will be assessed and evaluated
  • provide curriculum-approved information
  • give them knowledge for a lifetime


Our Resources
  • are transparent and easy for parents and guardians to understand
  • provide the opportunity to respond to their child’s work
  • increase family awareness of health issues
  • are relevant to everyday family life


Our Resources
  • are easy to use and implement
  • help track student achievement and provide quality assessment
  • increase communication opportunities with parents
  • provide everything needed for success in one package
  • are less costly than photocopying


Our Resources
  • are consistent with government objectives to promote healthy schools
  • create healthier, happier, and more productive citizens
  • show the community what schools are doing to raise healthy, active young Canadians