Economics Now - Second Edition

Economics Now

SECOND EDITION — Available May 1st, 2019

Angelo Bolotta | Charles Hawkes | Rick Mahoney | Brian Raposo

Curriculum-based print and digital textbooks for your introduction to economics course

Bring the Economics Curriculum to Life

Help students make real-world connections

Economics Now introduces students to the study of economics and emphasizes the impact of economic decision making on their daily lives. This comprehensive student resource covers the history of economic thought and introduces the basic principles of micro and macro economics. It also provides a Canadian perspective on the role of government in economic policy, decision making, and the global economy.

Table of Contents

Unit 1: Introduction to Economics

Chapter 1: What is Economics?
Chapter 2: Economic Fallacies, Theories, and Laws
Chapter 3: Productive Resources and Economic Systems
Chapter 4: Political Economies and Policy Goals

Unit 2: A History of Economic Thought

Chapter 5: Early and Classical Economies
Chapter 6: Modern Economies

Unit 3: Microeconomics

Chapter 7: Introducing Microeconomics
Chapter 8: Applications of Demand and Supply
Chapter 9: Labour Economics
Chapter 10: Production, Firms, and the Market
Chapter 11: Business Organization and Finance

Unit 4: Macroeconomics

Chapter 12: Introducing Macroeconomics
Chapter 13: Business Cycle and Fiscal Policy
Chapter 14: Money and Banking
Chapter 15: Monetary Policy

Unit 5: Economic Policy and Decision Making

Chapter 16: The Role of Government
Chapter 17: Employment, Recession, and Recovery
Chapter 18: Equity and Income Distribution
Chapter 19: The Environment and Sustainable Development

Unit 6: The Global Economy

Chapter 20: Trade Theory, Agreements, and Patterns
Chapter 21: Financing International Trade
Chapter 22: International Economic Issues

Built-In Self-Assessment

Help students take charge of their learning

The print and digital textbooks incorporate inquiry-based and active learning, and help empower students to take charge of their learning experience. Each end of chapter review helps students self-assess their understanding of course content, while end of unit performance tasks challenge students to apply their knowledge and deepen their understanding of important concepts. The digital textbook includes built-in interactive practice quizzes that provide automatic feedback, helping today's busy students study on-the-go.

A Differentiated Approach

Support the individual learning styles of your students

The Economics Now textbook is available in print and online, so you can differentiate your teaching approach to the individual needs and abilities of your students. Our digital textbooks can be accessed any time and on any device — all students need is an internet connection. They include interactive practice quizzes, highlighting and note-taking, and they seamlessly integrate with your TeacherHUB!

Author Team

Angelo Bolotta

Toronto Catholic District School Board (Retired)
Angelo Bolotta is a teacher, curriculum leader, consultant, secondary school principal, university instructor and author with over 40 years of experience in public education, primarily with the Toronto Catholic District School Board. Angelo also served as an adjunct instructor for Niagara University (in Ontario) from 2007 to 2014. He has previously co-authored textbooks for civics, economics, and Canadian history.

Charles Hawkes

Toronto District School Board (Retired)
Charles Hawkes retired as Head of History at David and Mary Thomson Collegiate Institute (Toronto District School Board), then spent a number of years working with International Baccalaureate students in Economics at the Toronto French School. He has co-authored several books in history and social science.

Rick Mahoney

Toronto District School Board
Rick Mahoney is a Social Studies teacher and guidance counsellor with 25 years of teaching experience in the East York Board of Education and the Toronto District School Board. He was Curriculum Leader of Social Sciences and Humanities at York Mills Collegiate Institute for 15 years, teaching economics, Canadian history, anthropology, psychology, and sociology. Rick co-authored The Canadian Challenge (Oxford UP) and has received the Toronto District School Board's Excellence in Teaching Award.

Brian Raposo

York Region District School Board
Brian Raposo is a Business Studies teacher and co-author of Thompson's Fundamentals of International Business, second edition. He has over 12 years of teaching experience with the York Region District School Board where he has taught economics and business studies as well as information and communication technology and e-learning. Brian has been recognized by the Ontario Business Educators’ Association, receiving both the Award of Merit and the Innovative Business Education Teacher award.