Fundamentals of International Business - A Canadian Perspective (SECOND EDITION)

Fundamentals of
International Business

A Canadian Perspective

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Fundamentals of International Business highlights current issues and trends in the study of international business. It includes special interest features such as Canada Imports and Exports, International Blunders, and Business Skills throughout to help students understand how international business impacts different aspects of their daily lives, and explore the many contexts that drive the global economy.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What Is Trade?

1.1 An introduction to business and trade
1.2 History of Canadian trade
1.3 Advantages of international trade
1.4 Disadvantages of international trade
1.5 Globalization
Chapter Review
Business Skills
First Impressions

Chapter 2: Elements of International Trade

2.1 Types of international business
2.2 Trade barriers
2.3 Currency fluctuations
Chapter Review
Business Skills
Time Management

Chapter 3: Canada's Role in the World

3.1 Canada on the world stage
3.2 Attracting foreign investment
3.3 Productivity and the changing workplace
Chapter Review
Business Skills
Dress for Success

Chapter 4: Culture in International Business

4.1 What is culture?
4.2 Business cultures around the world
4.3 Cultural awareness and international business
4.4 The impact of culture on international business
4.5 Culture's influence in the workplace
Chapter Review
Business Skills

Chapter 5: Economics and Politics

5.1 Economic and political systems
5.2 Classifications of economic development
5.3 The business cycle
5.4 Economics of trade
5.5 The role of government in international business
Chapter Review
Business Skills
Report Writing

Chapter 6: International Trade Agreements and Organizations

6.1 Globalization and international trade
6.2 Trade agreements
6.3 Trade organizations
6.4 The role of the United Nations in international
Chapter Review
Business Skills

Chapter 7: Social Responsibility and NGOs

7.1 What is corporate social responsibility?
7.2 Business ethics
7.3 Ethical issues in international business
7.4 Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
Chapter Review
Business Skills

Chapter 8: Marketing

8.1 International marketing and the four Ps
8.2 The two Cs of marketing
8.3 Marketing research and marketing strategies
Chapter Review
Business Skills

Chapter 9: Supply Chain and Logistics

9.1 Defining logistics
9.2 Understanding supply chain management
9.3 Methods of physical distribution in the supply chain
9.4 Challenges in the supply chain
9.5 Supply chain assistance
Chapter Review
Business Skills
Risk Management

Chapter 10: Global Issues and International Business Trends

10.1 Beyond the global financial crisis
10.2 Global trends
10.3 Geopolitical tensions
10.4 The global traveller
Chapter Review
Business Skills
Email Etiquette

Built-In Self-Assessment

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The print and digital textbooks incorporate inquiry-based and active learning, and help empower students to take charge of their learning experience. Each end of chapter review helps students self-assess their understanding of course content, while inquiry questions challenge students to deepen their understanding of important concepts. The digital textbook includes built-in interactive practice quizzes that provide automatic feedback, helping today's busy students study on-the-go.

A Differentiated Approach

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The Fundamentals of International Business textbooks are available in print and online, so you can differentiate your teaching approach to the individual needs and abilities of your students. Our digital textbooks can be accessed any time and on any device — all students need is an internet connection. They include interactive practice quizzes, highlighting and note-taking, and they seamlessly integrate with your TeacherHUB!

Author Team

Lorie Guest
Waterloo Region District School Board

Lorie Guest is the Head of the Business Department at Bluevale Collegiate Institute in Waterloo, Ontario. She has 32 years of teaching experience with the Waterloo Region District School Board, and has taught business education courses at the University of Western Ontario. Lorie has been actively involved in producing curriculum and profiles for the Ministry of Education, and has co-written books on Business Leadership, Introduction to Business, and Information and Communication Technology. She is the recipient of the Stewart Award for Teaching Excellence, the Toronto Sun Top 50 Teachers in Ontario, and the Kitchener-Waterloo Record Top Teacher. Lorie has also been recognized by the Ontario Business Educators' Association, receiving both the Award of Merit and the Hillmer Award for lifetime achievement to business education in Ontario.

Brian Raposo
York Region District School Board

Brian Raposo is a Business Studies teacher at King City Secondary School in King City, Ontario. He has over 12 years of teaching experience with the York Region District School Board, where he has taught Business Studies, Economics, Information and Communication Technology, and E-learning. Brian has been recognized by the Ontario Business Educators’ Association, receiving both the Award of Merit and the Innovative Business Education Teacher award. Brian is passionate about sharing his international travel experiences with his students, coaching basketball, and now, authoring.