The all-new Ask the Expert P.D. is a series of presentations focused on some of the most relevant topics in Health and Physical Education. Designed to give a platform to the voices that matter most in schools, each instalment contains a twenty-minute presentation along with questions from teachers, students, and parents.

Teachers, Students, and Parents:
Caregivers for Youth Mental Health

Presented by Dr. Cindy Krysac

In this webinar, Dr. Cindy Krysac (Mental Health First Aid Canada Instructor, Ph.D. Physics), will provide suggestions for assembling essential tools for caregivers. The tools can potentially empower anyone who feels that someone they know is impacted by mental health problems, with a perspective for responding to youth and emerging adults.The suggestions for caregivers will be structured from trusted resources, yet will be flexible enough for adapting to unique stories. Every person who finds themselves in a caregiver role can find hope by accessing and practicing powerful evidence based approaches which can effect positive change.
When you watch this webinar you will:
  1. Take the training: Mental Health For Adults Who Interact With Youth provides a base line of evidence based information and skills for having an empathetic yet effective mental health conversation.
  2. Assemble your list of resources, and start to access them. For Canadians, or can be a starting point.
  3. Challenge your own contribution to the mental health social landscape. Self care includes taking care of your own health, and giving yourself room to grow and rethink your opinions and perspectives.
  4. Adopt a collaborative approach between all stakeholders, including asking the young persons and their peers what they need to thrive.
  5. Withhold judgement, and practice listening.

Addressing Tough Topics and
Parental Concerns in Sexual Education

Presented by Dr. Jessica O'Reilly

Watch as Sexologist and Relationship Expert, Dr. Jessica O'Reilly, of Sex with Dr. Jess, fields questions from teachers, students and parents about navigating the more difficult conversations in Sexual Education.

When you watch this webinar you will:
  • Learn how to increase comfort levels when discussing tough topics like pornography, consent and digital media
  • Gain strategies for working collaboratively with parents
  • Discover specific strategies for addressing student questions and concerns related to HDSH topics

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