Healthy Active Living - Keep Fit, Stay Healthy, Have Fun (Grade 9/10)

T. Temertzoglou

See How Healthy Active Living is Making a Difference in H&PE

The right foundation for your high school Health and Physical Education program

Healthy Active Living: Keep Fit, Stay Healthy, Have Fun

Healthy Active Living is the first comprehensive health and physical education resource written by Canadian teachers for Canadian students. The student text and its supplemental resources are infused with physical literacy strategies that will enhance student success in health and physical education.

Make a Difference in Three Easy Steps

HAL makes it easy to bring quality H&PE to all students

Step 1:
A Textbook for Each Student

It's the foundation of the HAL program

The HAL textbook is the foundation of the resource package. It serves as the knowledge base for students to learn all curriculum requirements. But it needs to stay at home. Students can complete their reading ahead of class, and track their progress in class using the exercises and worksheets contained in the Student Activity Handbook. It's a revolution in how Physical Education is taught. And it's producing smarter, healthier kids.
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Step 2:
Student Activity Handbook

Assessment for, as, and of. Made easy!

The Student Activity Handbook is your students' personal guide to success in Health and Physical Education. All of the exercises and worksheets are curriculum driven; they ensure students are learning all the right material. And no more photocopying handouts! At only $9.95 each, the student workbook is cheaper than photocopying. Everything is in one spot for the student. Student success has never been so affordable.
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Step 3:
Teacher's Manual

Your guide to a new H&PE

Transforming your health and physical education program may seem daunting. But with the HAL Teacher's Manual, you'll have everything you need to get started and run a great program. From a step-by-step walkthrough of your first week, to lesson plans and reading lists for the entire course, to black-line masters and sample exams, the HAL Teacher's Manual has everything you need to get HAL started at your school.
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"Just wanted to express my gratitude regarding the use of the book and handbook for my son. It transformed a boy who would be 'stand offish’ and found a way of making him feel comfortable with himself and gave him the ability to take chances. Having both the parent and child read the book also offered a chance for us to 'talk' about certain issues without causing uneasiness."

~ Lisa, HAL Parent

Health and Physical Education Isn't Just for Athletes

It's for everyone. So it only makes sense to deliver it that way.

A powerful movement is afoot to bring physical literacy to our schools, homes and communities. All over the world, inspired educators are taking steps towards a healthier more active world, one student at a time.

There is a growing body of research tying health and physical activity to better quality of life, academic excellence and personal success. We now have data that supports the immeasurable benefits of quality health and physical education. From wellness and academic readiness, to preventative medicine and tremendous socio-economic returns, every student should have this opportunity.

HAL supports the journey to physical literacy and success – podium to playground. This resource provides tools to help students set personal goals and see them through with the support of their teachers, caregivers and peers. HAL empowers students to co-construct their health and physical education, to make it their own. It’s all about inclusivity, breaking barriers and reaching all students.

HAL Empowers Teachers and Students

Providing the right tools, at the right time

Healthy Active Living provides the right tools for teachers, empowering them to raise the standards of health & physical education in their school. The resource offers a myriad of supports that enable teachers and students to co-construct lesson plans and reflect on the HAL journey. HAL was developed to provide teachers with a single evidence-based resource that covers the whole curriculum for the whole child.

HAL Builds Healthy Families
and Communities

Healthy living beyond the school environment

HAL goes beyond the credit to help families and communities.
Healthy active youth grow up to become contributing members
of a more prosperous society.

HAL engages parents in the learning process, too. Allowing
parents to be aware of the issues and topics covered in the health
and physical education programs will ensure they remain engaged
with their child's learning.

A HAL student can make a difference in their home and larger
community. The classroom is flipped so the textbook goes home,
spurring important family discussion around topics such as nutrition,
smoking or cyber bullying.

HAL is a catalyst for healthier families and communities.

HAL Builds a Brighter,
Healthier Future

HAL is helping close the policy practice gap in the promotion
of physical literacy and health literacy in Ontario.
The socio-economic returns of a healthy active society
are beyond measure. Together, we can increase life expectancy,
prevent disease and build a more resilient society.

Quality health & physical education means:
  • Less risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes;
  • Reduced Health costs;
  • Helping all students achieve personal and professional success;
  • HAL youth grow up to be HAL role models;
  • Healthy active youth earn a higher income over their lifetime; and
  • Less likely to smoke, experience teen pregnancy and engage in risky
    sexual behavior or use drugs.

HAL is putting H&PE research into action in hopes of a more
active and resilient future for all Canadians.