Healthy Active Living (HAL2.0) - Keep fit, stay healthy, have fun

Ted Temertzoglou

"Physical education is the most effective means of providing all children and youth with the skills, attitudes, values, knowledge and understanding for lifelong participation in society."

The Declaration of Berlin 2013, UNESCO's World Conference of Ministers for Sport

The Gateway to Student Well-Being

Unbiased information, when students need it the most

The fully-revised HAL2.0 textbook is the ultimate guide to health and well-being for you and your students. It contains unbiased information on all of the important topics covered in your Health and Physical Education course — including fitness planning and assessments, nutrition, sexuality, drugs and conflict, and mental health — and it doesn't shy away from the more sensitive topics.

HAL2.0 provides students with all the right information, when they need it the most. It connects core concepts to everyday life so students can easily make the important connections to their own personal situations. Students (and teachers, parents, caregivers) will feel empowered knowing that they have the tools they need to build healthy relationships — with themselves and those around them.

Digital and Print
The best of both worlds

The HAL2.0 student textbook is available in both print and digital formats, giving students the flexibility of accessing them from anywhere. Print textbooks that go home, and digital textbooks for on-the-go. Students will have the information they need to make informed decisions — at their fingertips.

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"Physical education programs lay the foundation for lifelong active living, enhance health and well-being, and help prevent and/or reduce future health problems."

~The World Health Organization~

The HUB of Your Course

The all-new HAL2.0 teacher resources save you time and energy,
so you can spend it on what matters most — your students!

The completely reimagined HAL2.0 teacher resources include all the tools you need to build and deliver an engaging, interactive, and inclusive Health and Physical Education course. Empower your students to make healthy and informed decisions — for life.

The all-new HAL2.0 Digital Teacher's Resource is the HUB of your course. Along with all your teaching materials and textbook content, you'll be able to easily create and manage your different sections of the course, online. You can build and share your own interactive activities using the new Activity Builder, post comments (or files, videos, etc.) to the classroom Bulletin, and track each student's progress in the classroom Markbook — all from within your account. You can also easily manage each student's access to the digital textbook, right from your online classroom!

The HAL2.0 Digital Teacher's Resource will take your Health and Physical Education program to the next level by providing an engaging and interactive learning experience for your students.

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Personal Fitness Portfolios

Quality assessment made easy!

Give your students the ultimate ownership of their learning with the all-new Personal Fitness Portfolios (PFPs). With 23 fitness measurements and appraisals for students to choose from, setting, tracking and achieving personal fitness goals has never been easier!
The new PFPs can be used with or without the
HAL2.0 resource package, and in
any high school grade!

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