Functional Fitness Charts

Functional Fitness Charts
For Coaches and Sports Teams

A great way to encourage proper warm-up and training

The Canadian Sport for Life Society (CS4L) created the Movement Preparation Guide as a tool for coaches to use proper movement preparation with their teams. It not only prepares athletes to move, but it also helps improves athleticism and reduces the risk of injury during physical activity. Using the Functional Fitness Charts to incorporate the fundamental movement skills in your movement preparation will assist in your implementation of the CS4L Movement Preparation Guide, and help your athletes be more successful on game day.

Recommended Intervention for the CS4L PLAY Tool

The Charts are a great way to develop physical literacy and improve athleticism

The Physical Literacy Assessment for Youths (PLAY) Tools were designed by CS4L to help assess an athlete’s physical literacy, determine any gaps in development, and create a plan to help address those areas. The Charts can help you develop your teams' physical literacy and improve their overall athleticism as well as develop the skills they need to foster a more healthy and active lifestyle.

Incorporate Specifically Designed Movement Circuits into Your Practices

Ideal for practice and pre-game prep

The Functional Fitness Charts come with a variety of fun and active movement circuits that are great for group practices and individual training. The Charts make it easy for you to engage your team in building their athleticism while also developing their physical literacy. The Charts can be used anywhere, any time and with limited equipment — just pick them up and go!

Explore How You Can Benefit From Using the Charts