Functional Fitness Charts

Functional Fitness Charts
For Elementary Schools (Grades K-9)

Get your students moving, for fun!

The Functional Fitness Charts are the best way to introduce kids to exercise in a fun and positive way. The Charts are designed to be exercise in disguise — students learn physical literacy, proper technique and movement while engaging in a wide variety of engaging and fun physical activities that meet each child at their skill level. Whether you use them for cross-curricular assessments or to help with Daily Physical Activity, the Charts won’t feel like exercise.

Daily Physical Activity
With Cross-Curricular Integrations

Meeting multiple outcomes with one activity

We understand the benefits that physical activity can have for our students — from improving attention and time on task, to improving behaviour in the classroom. However, with all the demands of teaching it can be difficult to find time to incorporate DPA throughout the day. Each set of Fitness Charts contains various lesson plans that integrate literacy and numeracy activities with the Charts. Teachers can use these fun games and activities in their classrooms (or hallways, fields, playgrounds, etc.) to meet literacy and numeracy outcomes while also ensuring students hit their DPA goals.

Perfect for the Elementary Generalist Teacher

Physical literacy made easy!

The Elementary Functional Fitness Charts were designed for any teacher to use, even if they don’t have a background in Health and Physical Education. Each Fitness Chart set comes with a comprehensive Teacher’s Manual, which includes a one-page overview of each exercise in the set. It explains the exercise rationale, execution, progression/differentiation, and safety tips so you can cater to the different abilities of your students.

Mental Wellness, Staff Wellness, Self-Regulation... and More!

The possibilities are endless

An important aspect of any healthy school environment is physical activity -- for both students and staff. It contributes not only to our physical wellness but can also help us manage things like stress and anxiety, which can negatively affect our mental wellness.

Each Fitness Chart set offers different lesson plans, games, activities and circuit designs that include strategies to promote physical wellness, mental wellness and self-regulation for both students and teachers.

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