Functional Fitness Charts

Functional Fitness Charts
For Secondary Schools (Grades 9-12)

The gateway to maximizing student engagement in H&PE

The key to maximizing student engagement is to create a fun and safe environment in which students feel comfortable being active. The Functional Fitness Charts are unique tools that allow teachers to facilitate this environment. By creating developmentally-appropriate activities that are student-focused (students can select the exercises that they want to use), teachers can provide an engaging space for students of all abilities while focusing on developing and promoting healthy, active lifestyles.

Curriculum Connections Made Easy

Health and Physical Education is more than just sports

At the core of the revised Ontario Health and Physical Education Curriculum (2015) is the development of physical and health literacy leading to useable, sustainable living skills. The Fitness Charts have been designed for both single person and group use. Teacher’s can create "Fitness Boards" to encourage students to learn self-regulation, allowing them to take ownership of their own physical development. Each set also contains lesson plans, like Geocaching, which help students enjoy physical activity together while developing problem-solving skills in a group setting.

The Charts are intended to help teachers lead students towards successfully accomplishing each strand of the revised curriculum.

Strand A: Active Living
The Charts encourage students to focus on goal setting and achieving, each activity is meant to be enjoyable and is therefore compatible with all levels of physical fitness.

Strand B: Movement Competencies: Skills, Concepts, Strategies
The Charts are designed to help students learn, develop and employ correct technique in every movement, building strong, physically literate bodies.

Strand C: Healthy Living
Continued use of the Charts helps students to define personal health goals, make connections between their personal health and that of others, and most importantly, sets them on the path to making healthy, active choices for life.

Supporting Mental Health Through Physical Activity

Helping students combat depression and anxiety

High school students are more stressed then ever — the pressure to succeed, studying, extracurricular activities and preparing for university are each taking their toll on our youths’ mental wellness. Surveys have revealed that a high number of high school students experience symptoms of both depression and anxiety. The Functional Fitness Charts can help combat these two major issues by providing a tool teachers can use to easily and successfully incorporate physical activity into any subject or course taught in high school.

Encouraging physical literacy and activity builds confidence and resilience
Physical activity increases the ability for social interaction, decreasing social isolation, helping people to build positive, healthy relationships. Physical activity also offers a sense of positive control over one’s life and that feeling leads to better self-esteem.

Encouraging physical literacy and activity is an effective mood booster
There is a direct connection between physical activity and feelings of positivity and happiness. Physical activity reduces muscle tension and releases mood boosting chemicals. Too many students spend their time sitting — yet moving makes us feel better!

Encouraging physical literacy and activity helps to form positive portrayals of self-worth
Each Functional Fitness Chart set combines aerobic exercises and resistance training, the two types of exercise most supported by research evidence that help positively change self-perceptions.

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