In this video, Dr. Jess addresses some of the tough topics and common parental concerns around Human Development & Sexual Health (HDSH), providing concrete examples you can use to work collaboratively with parents to support student learning and health. If you're wondering how to address topics like pornography, digital media, sex-positivity and potential parental unease in the context of the updated HDSH curriculum, watch this brief, practical session designed to boost your comfort and knowledge of contentious and relevant issues in HDSH.

Ask the Expert!

Watch as Dr. Jess answers questions from students, teachers, and parents

Lunch n' Learn Discussion Questions

Before watching this webinar

  1. How comfortable do you feel addressing sensitive topics such as consent and sexual health with your students?
  2. Do you agree with splitting Human Growth and Development classes by gender? If so, why?
  3. How do you handle questions to which you don’t know the answer? —Do you have a specific go-to resource to help you when stumped?

After watching this webinar

  1. Should parents have more of a say in what is taught in Human Growth and Development?
  2. In what ways can you adjust your class to ensure you’re creating a safe and inclusive space for all students?
  3. How can you better prepare to answer concerned parents questions regarding Human Growth and Development in class?