Healthy Active Living (HAL2.0) - Keep fit, stay healthy, have fun

Ted Temertzoglou

Maximize Student Engagement

Everything you need to deliver an interactive and engaging course

The HAL2.0 TeacherHUB gives you online access to all your teaching material and digital textbook, as well as the Activity Centre, Activity Builder, and Online Classroom. So you can access all of your teaching tools and material from anywhere, and differentiate your approach to the individual needs and interests of your students.

Teaching Files Include:
Reimagining H&PE: Current and emerging trends, differentiated instruction, LTAD, TGFU
Curriculum Correlations: What's new in Ontario?, learning summaries, curriculum correlations for Grade 9 and 10
Planning Your Course: Handouts and letters, assessment tools, flipping your classroom
Teaching and Learning Strategies: Chapter overview, online resources, classroom activities, answer key
Appendices: PowerPoints, contraception booklet, glossary cards

Built-In Student Engagement Tools

Bring your H&PE program to life!

The Activity Centre is the newest and most exciting feature of the TeacherHUB. It is fully loaded with pre-built interactive activities that make it easy for you to actively engage your students in their learning. Simply select which activity you would like to assign, and share it with your students.

The Activity Builder allows you to build customized activities based on the individual interests and needs of your students. Select questions from our test bank, or create your own custom questions. You can even add multimedia content such as videos, images, and articles to help further your students' understanding and appreciation of important issues and concepts related to health and physical education.

Chapter Feature Stories

Inquiry activities designed to connect key concepts to everyday life

The Chapter Feature Stories share the story of 8 inspirational Canadians, and develop students' living skills by helping them understand how health and physical education can positively impact every aspect of their daily lives. Each story includes an online inquiry activity that deepens students' understanding of important concepts, and maximizes engagement through multimedia content and dynamic imagery.

Click here for a preview of Brigitte's Story and Mike's Story.

Engage ALL Your Different Learners

Take your course to the next level

The TeacherHUB lets you create Online Classrooms and invite your students for FREE, so you can streamline communication and easily manage all your different sections. It allows you to share engaging content like videos and other multimedia, send email reminders for upcoming deadlines, assign interactive online activities, and keep track of student results. You can even purchase and assign digital textbook credits — all from within your Online Classroom.