Kinesiology - An Introduction to Exercise Science (Grade 12 PSK4U)

Kinesiology: An Introduction to Exercise Science

All-New Digital Resource Package. For Teachers and Students.

The digital Kinesiology resource package is the first and only
ministry-approved digital resource for Health & Physical Education.

Student Engagement

Personalizing the Kinesiology experience.

The digital Kinesiology resource helps further student engagement, making it easier for students to personalize academic content. Students can access Kinesiology online using any variety of digital tools, including laptops, smartphones and tablets, making it easier for them to use the textbook while on the go. When accessing the online textbook, just like with print, students can highlight important passages and make notes that can be saved and/or exported for later use.

The digital Kinesiology resource is interactive, providing students the ability to access a digital glossary of terms and teachers to share additional content and resources. Students are provided the opportunity to own their learning, collaborating via a virtual classroom and consuming more information because they can access multiple resources, even in simple ways such as use of the digital textbook’s built-in search engine.

Assessment For, As, and Of Learning.

Teachers are better able to tailor their teaching approach through the use of the Custom Test Builder and Markbook (for automarking.) Using the digital resource enables teachers to adhere to the Ontario Ministry of Education’s updates to 21st Century Learning, which includes Assessment For, As and Of Learning.

Assessment made easy:

FOR LEARNING: Teachers can create customized quizzes that can then be used during the first week of classes to learn students’ overall subject knowledge base and assess their starting points.

AS LEARNING: The digital Kinesiology resource provides students with easy access to online self-assessment through online quizzes that students can attempt multiple times, receiving instant feedback after each attempt and allowing for independent differentiation.

OF LEARNING: Tests and Exams — use the built-in test builder and test-bank questions to assess a student’s growth and progress within the course.

PSK4U Course Management and Curriculum Delivery

The digital Kinesiology resource package affords teachers an easy-to-manage online classroom that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Teachers can upload their own personal files including lesson plans and notes to ensure curriculum requirements are met.

Teachers can add to the already colourful textbook by uploading files, including videos and other additional resources, to share with students in class, or to email out for their use for at home study. By accessing the online calendar teachers can decrease student stress by setting clear expectations — the online calendar also keeps teachers on task regarding their syllabus, ensuring the whole curriculum is covered and keeping the class organized and up-to-date.

Find out how Barb O'Connor uses the course management features of the Digital Resource Package
to set expectations and learning objectives in her PSK4U course.

Read Barb's story.

Parent - Teacher - Student Communication

Teachers can easily keep students and parents informed on any and all classroom developments and updates — easily issuing email reminders for calendar events and using the calendar to highlight due dates for homework and major projects — inviting conversation and open communication between parents, teachers and students. The practicality of the online classroom and the ease with which teachers can communicate to students and parents allows for a more open dialogue and better collaboration between teacher and parent, parent and student and student and teacher.

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