Kinesiology - An Introduction to Exercise Science (Grade 12 PSK4U)

Teacher's Manual

A comprehensive guide to
teaching your grade 12
kinesiology course.

*With the purchase of a class set of textbooks

The Course Guide

All you need, probably more

The new Kinesiology Course Guide provides teachers with the tools they need to set students up for success at college and university.

  • Course overview
  • Teaching strategies
  • Course planners and timetables
  • Curriculum correlations
  • Classroom slides and handouts

64 Lessons

Now you don't have to start from scratch. We've
gathered best practices from teaches across Canada in 64 suggested lessons corresponding to the textbook (4 lessons per chapter).

The lessons are also tied closely to the lab manual. You can use the lesson suggestions to meet the needs of your students, or just use them as is.

  • 16 chapters with 4 lessons/wk (64 in total)
  • 16 weeks, 4 lessons/wk plus 1 day for review
  • 64 PowerPoint sets (1024 slides) with the lessons

“I was really set on health sciences. I wanted to be a doctor,
it was the only path I had in mind. But after taking this class and all the experiences we’ve had, I actually considered going into kinesiology, chiropractic medicine or sports therapy.
I love it. It’s the sciences, but it’s much more relatable.”

~ Kimiya, Grade 12 Kinesiology Student

PowerPoint Slides for each chapter

64 PowerPoint sets, 1024 slides.

The PowerPoint slides link directly to the three-part lessons and the lab manual. You can modify them or use them as is. You can even share them with your students after class.

  • One PowerPoint set per lesson (64 sets in total)
  • Fully modifiable

Answer Keys

Answers to all questions.

The new Kinesiology is all about accountability and student assessment. This component provides answers to all the questions in the textbook and lab manual & study guide. The end-of-chapter reviews as well as multiple-choice and short-answer quizzes are available so that you can create your own tests and exams.

  • End-of-chapter reviews
  • labs and worksheets
  • multiple-choice questions
  • critical thinking questions
  • sample final exam

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