Kinesiology - An Introduction to Exercise Science (Grade 12 PSK4U)


Lab Manual & Study Guide

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Guided Study

Helping students get the most out of this course.

The Lab Manual and Study Guide integrates seamlessly with the textbook. The chapters correspond to those in the textbook for easy navigation. It supports, and in some cases, expands on the material in the textbook; and provides the tools and support students need for self-directed learning.

Worksheets were designed to support learning while providing opportunities for self-assessment and ongoing feedback from teachers and peers. Chapters introduce a list of “Learning Goals” as a helpful guide. Exercises and lab activities help students gauge and enrich their understanding of the material through hands-on application and inquiry-based learning.

Integrated Assessment

For, as and of learning.

The Lab Manual and Study Guide is infused with exercises and activities that help teachers gauge student understanding. A variety of hands-on applications support students’ metacognition, encouraging them to reflect on their education to become confident lifelong learners. Learning goals are highlighted up front, so students know what they will be assessed on.

Built for the 21st century learner.

The Student Lab Manual was created for 21st century learners.
Lab exercises are inquiry-driven and can be done independently
or in groups as a form of project-based learning.

They integrate seamlessly with the textbook, making them great
for the flipped classroom. The lab exercises and quizzes were
carefully crafted by teachers for today's diverse learners.

Each unit wraps up with study tips, critical thinking questions,
and unit reviews that support student engagement and

Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology

CSEP Physical Activity Training for Health

The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) is dedicated to excellence in exercise physiology, health and fitness training in Canada. They provide leadership in research, education and training to improve health outcomes for Canadians. CSEP was founded in 1967, at the Pan American Games in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The new CSEP Physical Activity Training for Health (CSEP-PATH) was introduced in 2013. It’s the gold standard for Exercise Science and personal training in Canada. They offer the highest quality fitness programs vetted for safety through evidence-based research and best practices in training.

Prior to this program, an individual without any demonstrated understanding of exercise physiology could develop an exercise program, thereby putting the safety of individuals at risk. The Kinesiology Student Lab Manual and Study Guide introduces students to the current benchmark for quality professional training and fitness.

Exercises in Chapter 15 are aligned with the assessment tools and fitness tests used by qualified exercise professionals who tailor-make plans to meet the unique goals and needs of their clients. Students learn how develop these plans by gathering information about someone’s physical activity, fitness and lifestyles, and interpreting these findings.

“Before Grade twelve I was really unsure about what I wanted to do. Then we learned about bones, muscles and how the human body actually works. I’m excited to come to class and learn about what’s going on inside of me, everything that’s happening with every little movement. My steps and muscles are all interconnected. Every time I come to class, this whole new world opens up to me.”

~ Arshia, Grade 12 Kinesiology Student

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