Personal Fitness Portfolio

Ted Temertzoglou

Your students' guide to setting
and achieving personal fitness goals

The Personal Fitness Portfolio (PFP) is designed to give students ownership over their learning, by proving the information and tools they need to set, measure and achieve their personal fitness goals and assess their movement competence. It can be used with or without HAL2.0, and in any health and physical education or personal fitness course. Students can even use the same PFP throughout different grades in high school.

Quality Assessment
Made Easy

Student success is our priority

PFPs help students understand how they are being assessed, placing the emphasis on goal setting and personal achievement, and not on how they compare to their classmates. They provide worksheets for students to create their own personalized fitness plan, as well as training logs, calendars, and activity sheets to track their progress along the way.

Differentiate Your Approach

23 appraisals to choose from

Students have the flexibility to select which fitness appraisals they would like to complete based on their personalized fitness plan, helping you differentiate your approach to the individual needs and interest of your students. Each appraisal includes instructions, space to track results, and norms for students to use as a benchmark.

Table of Contents

Welcome to Your Personal Fitness Portfolio
Getting to Know You
Physical Inactivity: Removing the Barriers
Understanding Fundamental Movement Principles
Finding Your Target Heart Rate Zone
Using a Pedometer
Identifying the Major Muscles and Muscle Groups
Assessing Your Participation
Annual Appraisal Record

1. Cardiorespiratory Appraisals
APPRAISAL 1: 12-Minute Run
APPRAISAL 2: Rockport 1-Mile Walking Test
APPRAISAL 3: mCAFT (“The Step Test”)
APPRAISAL 4: Beep Test
APPRAISAL 5: Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery Test
APPRAISAL 6: 3–15 Intermittent Fitness Test
APPRAISAL 7: 10-Metre Shuttle Test
APPRAISAL 8: Wheelchair Appraisal

2. Musculoskeletal Fitness Appraisals
APPRAISAL 9: Grip Strength
APPRAISAL 10: Push-Ups
APPRAISAL 11: One-Leg Stance
APPRAISAL 12: Vertical Jump
APPRAISAL 13: Sit and Reach
APPRAISAL 14: Back Extension

3.Performance-Level Appraisals
APPRAISAL 15: 20-Yard & 40-Yard Sprint
APPRAISAL 16: Dot Drill
APPRAISAL 17: Illinois Agility Run
APPRAISAL 18: Wall-Ball Toss
APPRAISAL 19: Flexed-Arm Hang and Chin-Ups
APPRAISAL 21: Hexagon Drill
APPRAISAL 22: Shoulder Taps
APPRAISAL 23: Standing Long Jump Test

4. Personal Fitness Planning
Set a SMART Fitness Goal
Use the FITT Principle
Create a Fitness Activity
Create a Workout Plan
Resistance Training Log
Where Do I Go From Here?

5. Activity Journal

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Personal Fitness Portfolio

By: Ted Temertzoglou

★ Softcover, Full colour, Spiral-bound, Perforated
★ 23 Fitness Appraisals, Fitness Planner, and Activity Journal
★ Can be used with HAL2.0 or as a standalone resource

ISBN 978-1-55077-265-4
Edition First
Year 2018
Page Count 112

$ 14.95


Ted Temertzoglou
Health and Physical Educator

Ted Temertzoglou is a graduate of the University of Toronto and Brock University and is a recognized leader in the physical literacy movement. He is the author of many works in this area and has been welcomed as a keynote speaker across Canada and abroad. He is the 2017 recipient of the R. Tait McKenzie Award, as a Canadian who has made a significant impact on physical education, health education/promotion, recreation, and dance and who has served the profession for more than 20 years.